New build, old sound card or onboard?

Building a new computer and on my soon to be old rig I use a SB Audigy 2 ZS. Will that be better than using onboard sound with a board that uses either VIA VT1828S or Realtek ALC889?
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  1. Since you already have it I'd say try both and see if you can tell the difference. I can say that onboard audio has come a long way, my last build I decided that it was 'good enough', but that's a pretty subjective call and you already have the card...
  2. It's true that the Audigy 2 should be able to provide a better sound experience, however the problem is that creative isn't interested in providing you drivers for Win 7 that take advantage of the cards features when they are trying to sell you their new product. Onboard sound has come a long way and is 'good enough' for most. Like Kiren says though it's best to try both (assuming you get the creative to work right :D ) and decide for yourself.
  3. I would say you should use it.
    It was one of the top Audigy cards and it should have better sound quality than your onboard codec.
  4. well the audgy 2 ZS does have win 7 drivers, but there are reports that they are missing features and what nots, but thats near the launch of win 7 and they may have matured now
  5. Onboard Realtek HD, can't go wrong and you get very good driver support.
  6. Yeah, I guess I should just try both. Just seems a bit disappointing that my 4 year old sound card would still work better than onboard audio. The other thing I've considered is if I should get a new sound card but I'm thinking either the onboard or my Audigy should be "good enough"
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