HELP! My Iomega hard drive won\'t work---

I have an Iomega hard drive (Model: MDHD-UP) that was working up until recently- we've had it for quite some time and my son pulled it off the desk and it crashed.... It worked afterwards for a little bit-- but now it just make some kind of beeping noise (more of a buzz, but not a constant buzz--- a buzz beep)-

I do not see it in the Device Manager and I'm freaking out... I have EVERYTHING on it! Everything! I'm running Windows XP.

Please help- I'm seriously freaking out. Can I take it apart and get my stuf foff it somehow?

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  1. It is likely you have lost all your data. You can try to remove the hard drive from the case and directly attach it inside your computer (assuming it is a desktop), or you can try installing it into a new case. However, it is more likely the drive is what was damaged, especially if it was powered on at the time

    External drives should be used to backup your files; they should not be used to keep the only copy of your files.
  2. Do I just unscrew the screws and look for a memory card of sorts?

    I do not recall if it was on or off at the time... I just know that I'm going to be devastated if my stuff is gone.... Now I know to have two backups...a backup of my backup...
  3. There will be an ordinary hard drive inside the case, either a SATA or IDE drive depending on the age.
  4. Ok.... I will try to 'perform surgery' on it this week...... I pray that I didn't lose what all is on it....
  5. This same situation just happened .. not sure if it was powered on when fell off tower. Light comes on.. intermittent clicking but neither of my desktop pc's nor my laptop recognize the external drive. I have tried different usb .. if I remove case how to I connect without usb ?
    Any advice deeply appreciated !!
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