Fastest way to setup XP

I'm amazed how often I have to restart this *#&$($ system. Must be 15 times at least and I'm not even close to getting it finished.

I really don't want to have to do this again if I want to upgrade to faster hard drives. What program is recommended for backup that clones the drive completely?

I'm trying to install as many programs on D drive instead of C as well. I'm using a small SSD do I have to keep C drive from fattening up. So far almost every program has been OK with installing on the D drive (separate, slower, Sata drive). Just my internet browsers (Opera and Chrome) so far need to be on C.
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  1. Ghost, or fog work really well. (fog is free)
  2. Macrium reflect (free) also works well, as does clonezilla.
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