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Recently I was attempting to plug my amp into my computer to do some recording. As I plugged it in, I noticed my sound had stopped working. I've tried reinstalling drivers, disabling and enabling, headphones. Pretty much anything that somebody of mediocre soundcard knowledge would do. This is pretty much all the info I can give besides I'm using the onboard audio of an Asus m4a78t-e motherboard. Could I have shorted out just the sound card?
Any suggestions would greatly help thank you!
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  1. Yes, you could have destroyed just the sound circuit. Don't plug amps into computers unless you have a line out on the amp or something. Even then I'd be scared of ground problems.
  2. yeah sounds like you popped the audio. just what you said "i plugged my amp in then everything stopped working."
  3. Well I've done it before and it was out of a headphone jack so I figured It'd be ok :P. Man I have no money and I need to replace this too now...
  4. luck sound cards are to expensive. maybe you should look into getting ones that are designed for the use your intending it for .
  5. I have Via HD Audio (version 7.031b.VIA) on this ASUS P5Q PRO TURBO/Core-2-Quad M-B, for 6 months now. Right now, the fibre-optic Toslink is dead to the world, and the 7.1 multichannel analog outputs are dead to the world. The only remaining use I have for it is the front headphone/microphone outlets (and the software always defaults to the rear inputs, no obvious way to change that !). So I now think that Via HD Audio is junk, and I would rather not have it on the M/B. :ouch:
  6. very good possibilty the audio isnt dead.. have had problems with this twice now myself on new msi 880gm-e41 with amd athlonII X2 250 regor.. both times the problem has been the HD AudioDeck.. had no audio on clean install after it had just been working.. reinstalled audio, tried everything i could think of.. left it alone, ate lunch, came back, and HD AudioDeck had opened on its own, and was showing the speaker jack selection... selected Front Speaker output on green back panel jack ans suddenly it was working again.. am dealing with it again now but problem not resolved yet.. there ie a small pop-up extension of audiodeck that is supposed to come up during selection that so far has only come up the last time this was resolved.. is not popping up this time.. may want to look for help with the VIA HD Audiodeck software
  7. Hmn, so it may not be hardware dead, just software dead. Where can I get actual help with the software? :ange:


    Kthaara said:
    very good possibilty the audio isnt dead..... may want to look for help with the VIA HD Audiodeck software
  8. Hi, I've just had a problem with the Line-In being unable to be un-muted also. I found that the problem was that 6 Channel audio was selected somehow, so I changed it back to 2 Channel and I can now unmute. Hope this helps.

    Accessible via the HD ADeck in All programs menu.
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