Need help disabling my onboard motherboard graphics card


I'm installing a new gaming graphics card and it did not automatically disable my onboard motherboard graphics card. I was told that i would have to fix it by going into BIOS and disabling the video card from there. When I get to it in the BIOS the only fields that i can select under video are: EGA/VGA, CGA 40, CGA 80, MONO. There is no disable. If anybody could help me out I would appreciate it greatly, seeing as I am not good with this part of computers.

- Greg
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  1. Can you tell us what motherboard you have? Maybe someone has/had one and can tell you the exactly what to do
  2. Reseat the card--->Reboot back to OS--->Use the disc that came with it, or go online to the AMD or Nvidia website and download the appropriate drivers for your card-->viola....
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