Cant format hard drive

try to format seagate 2tb but keeps stopping at 54% any ideas i'm running vista home basic
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  1. try to check if it's in working order using seatools

    if it passes, try formatting using diskpart (and becareful)
    first select disk 1 (or whatever number, see list disk)
    then clean
    followed by create partition primary
    and select partition 1
    followed by format fs=ntfs

    if that fails too, you might have a bad disk or os
  2. thanks tried all that and also tried seagate diskwizard but nothing i think the drive might be faulty.
  3. hello,
    Try to run command in cmd (command prompt) as "chkdsk drive or partition name like c: , d: , etc..".
    then, type "format partition or drive name like c: drive, d:drive,etc..


    >chkdsk h: <enter>
    >format h: <enter>

  4. If you have a bootable windows disc, any windows disc, try formatting through that.
    First, boot from cd/dvd.
    When the installation shows you the partitions, click on the drive/partition you wanted to format, and hit 'Format'.
    It'll do the trick..!
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