AMD Overdrive: Shutdown on AutoClock

I have never overclocked before so i decided to get my feet wet using AMD Overdrive but i'm having some issues that i could not find anyone else mention on the forums.

Every time I hit the Auto-Clock button in AMD overdrive my PC resets, i'm not overclocking with any other application although turbo core is enabled. The GPU section also does not have any information for my video cards.

I just wanted to see if anyone had an answer before i give up and uninstall.
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  1. Disable turbo core. Don't use the automatic tools, often they set the voltage way too high and can damage your CPU.

    Read the below guide. Although you have a FX CPU the article can still be useful.
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    There are 2 golden rules for any overclocking.

    #1. Never use software to overclock hardware (GFX card excluded)

    #2. Never overclock all at once.

    Please do yourself and your hardware a favour and don't use any software based overclock.

    Whilst it may not be as easy, it's a heck of a lot more satisfying to overclock via the BIOS, and gives you much greater control to play around, and whilst it's slower (due to having to reboot) it forces you to make calculated incremental moves, rather than a massive change all at once, as if something goes wrong you have no visibility on what went right!
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  4. Thanks for the advice, I will uninstall AMD Overdrive and disable the Mobo tweaks as well and spend Saturday learning to to it manually.
  5. You can keep overdrive installed, I find it useful for logging CPU temps, and monitoring clock speed. Just don't use the auto overclock
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