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alright, so i bought a coolermaster 120mm fan 4 pack for an antec 300 i just bought(screw holes suck, btw). i'm not sure which way the fan should face to be an exhaust or intake. anyone know?
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  1. the rule of thumb with fan's is that the center point that the blades are attached to or, the front, is the part where the air is sucked into. the back, the base that the fan is attached to and screws onto the case, is the exhaust side. follow?
  2. or if you don't get that shoddy explanation, plug the fan in and run it and see what side blows.
  3. Mount them as you like. Just make sure the Airflow is in 1 direction.
    I Mean one fan should not oppose the airflow of other.

    For example if the front fan blows in then the rear fan should blow out.
  4. lol i understand that but i don't know which side blows in what direction.
  5. 2 front intakes
    1 back exhaust
    1 top exhaust

    side fan? I don't know if you should really put something in here but definitely not exhaust.
  6. Mount 1 fan in intake position near the Gfx card that's on the side.
  7. It your choice if you want to put a side fan or just block it. Some say that it disrupts the normal airflow (front to back) but who knows. I personally use a low cfm fan as side intake in my antec 300 just to not cause too much turbulence in the video card area.
  8. Side intake fan makes a big difference.It maintains GPU temps.
    If I remove my case's side fan that makes my GPU temp rise by 10c!!
  9. lol thread got derailed. i just want to know which side of the fan blows in the exhaust/intake
  10. Usually the side where you could see the sticker of the manufacturer. :)
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    There must be an arrow on it showing the direction of airflow.

    Otherwise just plug it and see for yourself! :)
  12. I think some coolermaster fans (if not all) don't have those arrows pointing to which direction they're gonna blow. I had 3 120mm fans: 2pcs 90cfm and 1pc 70 cfm installed.
  13. Suppose you've mounted the fan and you can see the side that has sticker.Then it will be in intake position.
    I mean it blows in the direction where the round sticker is.
    (Not necessary for all fans)
  14. ahh among the plain obscurities, there are arrows. thanks
  15. oh yeah the sticker references suck, there are stickers on both sides lol
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  17. Thanx ;)
  18. When in doubt - use a 9Volt battery and an old connector with the wires stripped and attach the red and black wires to those on the fan plug and the fan will run so you can check it !! ( the 9volt battery provides enough current to spin the fan but not enough to harm you or the fan )
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