Help, problem connecting two computers

I have a home network, with a 100Mbps switch.
to this network I have connected two computers.
But as I frequently have to make large transfers between them I'd like to connect them directly thought their gigabit nics with a cross cable (cat 6).
I've assigned The IPs in different networks so windows won't get confused.
But even if I try to connect to the other one through it's IP (the Gbps) instead of the network neighborhood it always chooses the 100 Mbps connection to make the transfer.
How can I force the connection between this computer to always go through the Gbps?
thanks in advance
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  1. How do you know its only connecting at 100mbps?

    You can set the NICs to use 1000/full duplex. This can be done under the Hardware Device manager.

    What's the distance run between the cable? If over 300', 100mbps is reasonable.
  2. well I know It's using the 100Mbps because I can see in the windows network monitor the card that is being used.
    the cable is 1/2 m long, the computers are side by side.
    "You can set the NICs to use 1000/full duplex." - I believe the card is working fine, windows simply chooses to use the 100Mbps connection.
    I've tried to add a static route (using command line route add) with a lower metric through the Gigabit card, but I wasn't able to, apparently it only allows me to add networks. Either that or I didn't do it right.
  3. So you have 2 NICs in each computer? A 10/100mbps and a 1000gbps? Or is a 10/100/1000 you have?

    If you force the card to use only gigabit, it'll be at 1000. Windows doesn't just choose what to use, its a matter of how you have it setup. Can you give more details on the computers IP addresses/gateway, and how many NICs are installed?
  4. lets call Computer one C1 and Computer 2 C2

    in C1 1 onboard 10/100 Nics and 1 PCI 10/100/1000
    in C2 2 onboard 10/100/1000

    c1.1 10/100 -
    c1.2 10/100/1000 -

    c2.1 10/100/1000 (100Mbps) -
    c2.2 10/100/1000 (1000Mbps) -

    c1.1 is connected to a router/switch (10/100) which connects to c2.1
    c1.2 connects through a cross cable cat 6 to c2.2

    what I mean by windows choosing what to use, is that I want the data transfers between the two computers, using the network neighborhood, to use the 1000 connection so it's faster, that was why I bought the c1.1 nic.
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    Using network neighborhood will result in it taking the first NIC. You'll want to use the UNC and probably map a drive. There are other ways to do this but they're too complex to really explain.

    On C1, go to Start - Run - and type: \\\
    Click OK.

    By having the gigabit connected together on a different network, the only path it will find it through the gigabit. That might work to pull it up. If you can get to (no share listed) you'll have access. At that point you'll want to share out a drive to have access, or use the admin share or C$ (Or D$, etc). You'll need a local admin account on the PC you're accessing.
  6. I had tried that earlier, but the result was the same. The 10/100 was used.
    Now I had an even stranger result, The 10/100 was at about 60% capacity and the 10/100/100 was at 0.1-0.2
    as you, I thought that it would work, the 1000 was guaranteed, but that was when I ran out ideas and came here :)
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