Antec 900 + High Hardware Heat Constantly

as title suggests i have an antec 900 case.

im running an inte. 2.66ghz quad core
4gb ddr3 ram
nvidia 9800gx2
with a thermaltake blu orb as heatsink

basically im running my case as follows.
2 stock front intake fans (intakes)
1 top exhaust fan (outtake)
1 rear fan (outtake)
1 side fan (intake.. have tried outtake. only variation was 1-2 degrees c)

basically here is my issue..

no matter what kind of day it is outside or how freezing cold or boiling hot

it is. my pc hardware always runs at this hot temperature.

aircon is usually on in hot temps and heater in cold.. temp is always around

21c-26c inside

my pc is dust free (cleaned not too long ago. 2 weeks maybe)
i have every case fan on the H(high) speed via the controller

I have even tried overclocking my fan speeds using rivatuner this dropped the

temps a bit... but they are still well over what they should be at.

currently taken from speedfan with cpu/gpu fan overclocked to 85%-90% speed

GPU 65c
GPU 61c
System 31c
CPU 48c
AUX 127c
Temp 64c
HD0 30c
Core0 47c
Core1 46c

it records my system fan at around 1650rpm

Now.. if i was to record temps without using rivatuner to o/c my fan speeds.

the gpu would be around 77-80c
cpu would be around 50-60c

as you can see overclocking speeds or not. it is still very very high.

This does not include any gameplay, this is just general desktop duties, etc.

I might add that this occurs whether using 1 monitor, or 2. Also my PC hardware is in no way overclocked. just fan speeds.

any help is appreciated,

(also as of today/last night my pc has been freezing every so often.)
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  1. What processor do you have. If that's the i7 920, then that heatsink will not be sufficient for cooling it. The Blue Orb is just slightly better than stock. Aluminum heat sinks suck.
  2. Another test would be to run with the side door off. Most people with 900s run the fans at low, maybe medium and have no heat issues. It has really good airflow.

    One thing the 900 is noted for is pulling dust in. Have you thoroughly dusted your CPU , GPU, northbridge and southbridge heatsinks? Letting those get dusty will substantially reduce their ability to dissipate heat.

    Download "Precision" from and use that to monitor/fan control your GX2. It will work on all Nvidia cards, not just EVGAs.

    Like Zipzoom said, the GX2 is a hot power gobbler and likely a part of the issue.

    You do have that case up on the desktop and not in some kind of under-desk enclosure?
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