Is this good for the money?

I dont know where to post this as there is no "desktop/general" section. But I was wondering what you guys think of this? is it a good deal and good gaming pc? Just wondering
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  1. Not really, you will need to spend $80 more on a PSU, and another $100 on a GPU as all it has is an Intel GMA X4500. You can do better than that, if you are comfortable building one yourself(its really not that hard) head over to the home built section and make a post using the template in the sticky over there and you can get set up with a much better gaming machine for about the same cost.
  2. NO,if you buy that then you will have to upgrade your gpu
    It has a Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X4500 which is toooo slow and has to be upgraded NEVER think of buying it
  3. Intel core 2 quad! Yes!
    ram yes!
    x4500 integrated :( epic gaming fail.

    If you want to purchase a seperate graphics card like a radeon 5770 or 4870 and install it yourself, it would be ok I guess.
  4. if you went for anything like that you need a power upgrade, those things wern't designed for dedicated cards eh.
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