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I am just doing a new build and am wondering whether to go for windows 7 32 or 64bit. It's just for a fun pc, a few games, running VPN, doing a bit of photo editing. Just a hobby build for trying out different things.
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  1. Go with 64 bit - Reason - If you install 4GB or more RAM, it wont be recognized fully on a 32-bit OS and nowadays there are very less incompatibility issues with the 64-bit OSes...
  2. 64-bit, no questions asked. You can run 32-bit applications in 64-bit, but not the other way around. Plus the option to increase RAM > 3.5gb.
  3. 64-bit, mainly for more RAM, though for what you're doing, it really won't matter much.
  4. thanks for that, guess I'll go witht he 64bit version then.
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