5850 Boot Delay?

Was able to locate a Sapphire 5850 and installed it yesterday. Graphics are noticeably better / smoother in all games; even with setting cranked up. Only gripe appears to be with pc boot-up. For some reason, now my pc takes a good 45-50 secs after I hit the power button, to post and begin load into Windows. Never had this before. I've rechecked the card and all cables. Am using a Corsair tx-750W power supply which is support and should be sufficient. Curious are other users with this card experiencing the same thing? Do I have a defective card?
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  1. Maybe you could give m/b make and details. Does it have on board video? Did you replace another video card ? Obviously the delay is new. I'm curious to the answers from other owners.
  2. I am currently running Asus Striker Extreme. Yes, I replaced an older video card, XFX 8800 GT Alpha Dog Edition, that did not exhibit these symptoms. My system has been stable and without issue until now. Note, everything works fine once the system boots. No errors, or issues to speak of. It's only the initial power on that's weird. I suspect it may have something to do with the card's bios or conflict with existing MB bios setting, but this is what I am looking to confirm from other 5850 owners. My MB is older (1+ year) but have installed latest BIOS.
  3. I have got the 5850, and I noticed that my machine now takes longer before it does the POST beep, but nothing like yours, maybe 5 seconds longer at the most. As to the cause, I have no idea, I didn't really worry about it, 5 seconds is marginal, but you, nearly a minute?! (otherwise a damn good card in my opinion...)
    Good luck with that...
  4. Yeah excactly the same problems with me, almost a minute before POST beep.

    I have been monitoring this issue on overclockers.co.uk forums and alot of people are having the same problems.

    My current System spec is:
    Windows 7 64bit Ultimate
    XFX 5850
    Asus P5N32-E-Sli
    850W Hiper PSU 60A on 12V rail

    I still dont know if its a card defect or motherboard conflict.

    Works great once booted which is the reason I haven't RMA'd it yet.

  5. Exactly the same problem here as well.

    I have Asus Striker Extreme (Latest BIOS)

    I replaced an MSI 8800GTS with a Sapphire 5850 and I have the same cold boot problem (almost 45 sec) before goes to post.

    The OS does not affect this problem.

    Enermax 650W PSU (Enough for a PC without SLI or Crossfire)

    No error after boot.(so far)

  6. Looking round google for answers to my problem I found this topic.
    I have the same problem.
    Running a:
    - asus P5N32-E SLI plus main board (nvidea chip set, no on board gfx))
    - 750 real power psu
    - 4 gig's of kingston hyper memory
    - E 6600 CPU

    Problem started after uninstalling the previous video drivers removing the old card ( Nvidea 8800GTS) and putting the new card back in.
    New card: Club 3d HD 5770
    After power on button is pressed it takes a good minute before bios post beeb comes and the thing starts with the boot up proces.

    I found no other information on google so I wonder what to to with this.
    After boot up the performance is good, and there are no other problems so far.
    Was thinking about RMAing it, but after reading this I think that will not solve my problem.

    Could it be a conflict with the onboard chip set being nvidea..??
    maybe that bites the ati/amd gfx card..??
  7. I have the same problem!

    I bought a XFX 5850 for a new build, but am waiting for the new mobo and cpu to arrive.

    The Graphics Card is CURRENTLY in a old Abit NF-M2S with a AM2 X2 5600+... (in a X8 Pci-e 1.0 slot...)

    I did have an ancient 7800GTX, but have just popped the 5850 in for now as a laugh 'til new components arrive.

    When I boot there is no display, but the HD5850 "revs" the fans about 6 times e.g. 0%-100%-0%-100% etc... etc... before BIOS post is visible on screen.

    Occasionally before arriving at the Windows 7 login screen, the fan goes 100% until I login/catalyst must take over.

    There is so much over the internet about it, we should try and bring it in greater attention to the manufacturers AND ATI itself.

    It makes boot time about double or more, from power on! RIDICULOUS
  8. Well it definitely appears to be an issue / conflict with older systems. I pulled the trigger and updated my system to a Core i5; thus new motherboard. The problem no longer exists and boot up is just about immediate. Based on this and everyone else's comments it's definitely something the older BIOS/boards don't work well with. Hopefully ATI can correct as not everyone will have opportunity to upgrade as I did.
  9. Same problem here with a Powercolor 5850!

    Installed it just now and the system didn't start.

    Thinking to turn it bavk, this shitty ATI card... :-(
  10. My system:
    MoBo: P5N32SLI-SE
    CPU:Core2Duo 6600
    PSU: Tagan 800Watt

    I put my old 8800 and works fine!
    Any sugestions??
  11. cbb77 no longer has a problem now that he/she has upgraded to Ci5 and I didnt have this problem with my 5850 and Ci7 920 system.

    Maybe a BIOS update for older motherboards or new drivers from ATi will fix the problem, has no one contacted the manufacturer of their card?
  12. I did but nothing yet...Some say that Asus send them new bios via e-mail and the problem solved.

    My system don't even start, so I cannot install new catalyst.

    I read to other forums and everyone with an nForce-SLI chipset has the same problem...
    This card is driving me crazy!
  13. My asus board (P5N32-E sli plus) maybe 2 years old now but it recently went back to asus (RMA) and got updated with the latest bios version.
    So I doubt that the bios is causing this problem.

    I also have a spare board here that is a bit newer (same socket though ) with witch I could try if it works better then.
    Only downside is that the spare board has an intel chipset and the board I have installed right now hasd a nvidea chip set.
    With windows xp that would not be a problem but vista can't handle the change in chipsets without needing to reinstall vista.
    So I am not really keen on just trying that just for the test of it..

    It works now, and yes I still have the nearly 1 minute delay in booting but I think I can live with that for now.
    I may try and contact the manufacturer with the problem and see what that brings.
  14. "Dear customer

    Please, wait the new version of BIOS to resolve this issue.

    Asus Help Desk"

    This was the answer I got from Asus...
    Wtf, are theu kidding us??
  15. New BIOS update worked for me!

    No more boot delays yay
  16. New BIOS?? What MoBo u have???
  17. send a complaint to club 3d like 2 weeks ago, got no reply so far..:(
  18. I have the same problem, I have eVGA nForce 730i GeForce 9300

    eVGA is the worst company for replying for problems like this, it's already a month and nothing
  19. I got a reply, 1 month later..:

    thanks for sending in your request. The issue you mentioned was not reported so far. We suggest to update your mainboard bios to the latest version and try to contact Asus as well.

    Please also use latest Catalyst 10.1 Hotfix driver which can be found at the following link:

    My bios is up to date and the latest catalist is bull becuase that isn't loaded in yet before booting.
  20. Yeah, sounds like a MB BIOS issue. I have no problem with mine, but obviously the board and BIOS are new. Rarely do I see GPU BIOS updates (if that would even help), so if your MB manufacturer is feeding you lies rather than BIOS updates you probably are out of luck.
  21. You might also wanna check that the monitor cable is REALLY firmly connected at both ends, screwed in and everything, I know some cards get upset if you try to boot with no monitor attatched. My hd5870 will just keep revving and no post will happen if the monitor is disconnected.

    Could be a loose connection causing the monitor to not be detected right away.
  22. I have the same problem with Sapphire HD 5850. It worked for about 1 month and died suddenly. No post after that. It's not about updates and other things, it's all about ATI dissapoint as they used too. I'll never buy ATI card again.
  23. Then you soon will be without any computer parts to buy, as they all fail now and then.
  24. I agree. It's so frustraiting because I used only nVidia cards before and never have any issue and now as an ATI first time user I get this totally ridiculous problem. I even changed the motherboard because of this and the problem is still on the go... I wish for this problem to end and it will end soon with the new GF 100 here in my PC.
  25. Yep, should only be a month or so if they're lucky.
  26. Okay I flashed my bios anyway, and gues what the boot dealy is gone, it boot right up after I hit the power button.
    Like said before I have an asus P5N32-E sli plus board, now with the latest bios (1502) and it works great.
    NO thanks to the club 3d for not replying to my questions.
  27. Glad you got it fixed. Hopefully other manufacturers will follow suit with fixes too.
  28. it was an update especially for users with new models of amd gpu chipsets.
    there was no other remark than that in the list with fixes on the asus website for the latest bios.
    So indeed lets hope our motherboard manufacturers will do some bios update, witch they wouldn't have had to do if amd just wrote some decent coding on those cards, making them backwards compatible
  29. :lol:

    Well, to be fair though we don't know the full story on these incompatibilities, I'm sure they didn't do it on purpose (perhaps it was from something new they added). The ony way they could guarantee compatibility is if they kept rebranding the same card.
  30. Well EXT64 I can honestly tell you those 'stories' are real
    DeeJee is lucky, he has Asus, and they released a BIOS update

    I complained to eVGA, and they told me to flash the BIOS of the ATI Radeon card

    So in other words they lied to me, I might try starting a new update, but damn, I sort of know their answer by know

    Anyway, cbb77, what happened with your POST delays?

    I was wondering if I should buy the Nvidia GTX 465, use my integrated GeForce 9300, or go and buy the ATI Radeon 5770

    I suppose I would have the POST delay problems with ALL the 5000 series of ATI

    It's ridiculous

    I ended up selling the Radeon 5850, it's too annoying to wait 35-45 seconds each and every time you want to use your computer

    And the bastards at EVGA won't release an update, they won't even try the Radeon on their old motherboards, they are married to Nvidia's

    Anyway, does anybody knows if I should flash the BIOS of the ATI Radeon, how to do that, and if that will help at all?
  31. It isn't difficult to flash the card BIOS, but I'm not sure what you'd flash it to if eVGA refuses to support new ATI cards on their older boards.
  32. I have 15 seconds delay before I hear the beep sound and see the BIOS screen.

    I also watch the LED lights on the M/B that illuminate during the 15 sec delay ( Computer case side cover is perforated so I can see the LEDs. ). RAM LED lights the longest but gfx card LED lights about 2-3 secs only. Cpu, RAM, gfx card and boot device have LEDs. Computer beeps and BIOS logo appears before boot device LED shines.

    Therefore, in my computer it is not the gfx card that causes the delay.

    I have the latest M/B BIOS version dated 07 June 2010.

    I have the following components:

    Asus P7P55D M/B
    Sapphire Radeon HD5770 gfx card
    Kingston DDR3-1333 RAM ( 4 ea. 2 GB modules )
    OCZ Colossus 120GB SSD
    Antec Neopower Blue 650 W PSU
    Gigabyte iSOLO 210 comp case
    LG Bluray DVD-RW
    Sony DVD-RW

    I built this computer 5 months ago and had only one gfx card since then. Therefore, I do not have experience with other gfx cards.

    Hope this info is helpful.
  33. Hello. I switched to ASUS AM3 motherboard and XFX Radeon 5770 graphic card.
    System now boots in 5-7 seconds

    EVGA sucks

    simple as that, I begged them for a BIOS update for 6 months

    Intel is mainly a business
    upgrade your motherboard every year or so, if you want to have the latest processors

    So old motherboards don't have too much support, all nForce 700 series are pretty much useless now, all Intel Core 2 Duo, Intel Core 2 Quad... are pretty much useless

    unless you find a decent company that is willing to keep their 'old' motherboards update

    I know in AMD world, the philosophy is to keep the old motherboards running

    download a BIOS update, and use the latest 1055T or 1090T in the old AM2 motherboard.

    So folks, I just switched to AMD

    Intel Core i7 users are happy, well get ready to switch your motherboards again at the beginning of 2011.

    by the way, I have an ASUS P6T deluxe motherboard (new, sealed) for sale :)
    if anyone's interested, let me know
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