Time to upgrade my Q6600??

Hey i was wondering if any of you guys think its worth it for me to upgrade my Q6600 to like maybe a i7 920 right now my computer spec's are

q6600 overlocked to 3.0
gigabyte x48
4 gigs of 667 ram
Ati 5850

i mostly just play Aion my comp doesn't feel slow or anything but i've just had it for a few years now kinda feels like i should be moving on to better things lol so yeah is the i7 920 really worth it ? or should i just buy like 1066 ram and try to overclock it some more??
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  1. Leave it as is. It meets your needs leave it alone.
  2. Upgrading should depend on your needs, if you really think that you need the new processor then only go for it. Just do some overclocking... If your PC really slows down your apps then go for the upgrade.
  3. Your quad is fine for games and applications. You'll barely see or feel any difference if you upgrade from a quad to another quad. The Q6600 can do 3.4-3.6GHz easily depending on the stepping.

    Even at stock, it should last a while longer. Overclocked, it'll last you another couple of years.
  4. Personally I wouldn't spend the money on the upgrade. Just wait until you feel the need for more performance, or something that shows a larger performance increase is available.
  5. let me know when your looking to sell ;)
  6. I have OC'd Q9550 and Q6600 systems. I can do everything I need to do. Now, when the 32 nm i7-900's arrive, I'll rethink my upgrade plans.
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