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I'm interested in water-cooling my Cooler Master 690II this summer. I've seen some really nice examples, and figured I could contribute :)

I got this material list from another forum, and was just looking for some feedback.

bottom-rad: Black Ice GTS-Lite 240
top-rad:Koolance 240 lite
cpu block: EK Supreme HF nickel+plexi
pump:Swiftech MCP350 (Laing DDC 12V) + Bitspower Plexi Top
res: Bitspower 80 mL Z-Multi
fittings: - 16/10 BitsPower Carbon black compressing Fittings
- 16/10 BitsPower Carbon black 45º angled
- 16/10 BitsPower Carbon black 90º angled
- BitsPower Case Top Carbon black
tube: Masterkleer 16/10 tube
liquid: AquaComputer - BlueMotion UV Active

As there are no gpu blocks made specifically for the MSI GTX 560 TI Hawk (aka Twin FrozrIII) could someone recommend a good universal?

Also, I heard distilled water + biocide + uv tubing works better than the pre-mixed uv liquid, is this true?


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  1. Yeah, distilled water is best, as uv liquid tends to leave gunk in your tubing after it breaks down.
  2. Go with the swiftech mcp655 for the pump.
  3. Or you could go with a EK DCP 4.0 (Danger den also has the same pump under the name of CPX PRO) And save some money on the pump. MCP655 was awful for me, it was DOA when I got it and when I got an RMA and used it, I was not impressed by the pump as it was very loud for me and didn't move so much more water than other pumps, so the price really wasn't justified. Just personal experience though, as others have had great times with the pump and reccomend it. I just like the EK DCP 4.0 because it moves a lot of water and is very quiet in my 600t.

    Honestly, you can't go wrong with EK watercooling parts, but go with what pump you have your mind set on.
  4. My D5 is practically silent- I have to put my ear right next to it to actually hear it running. It also pushes a ton of water...you might have been unfortunate and picked up a lemon.
  5. **Honestly, you can't go wrong with EK watercooling parts**


    I'd think you could go wrong with them,
    especially if Op wants to use ** AquaComputer - BlueMotion UV Active ** in the loop.
    best check that its on the approved non corrosive list EK put out
  6. I've still never seen anything definitive on why EK nickel plated blocks have this issue yet other vendors do not. This is rather questionable in my opinion.
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