Low Performance with new XFX HD4890

Hey all :hello:

I recently killed my PowerColor 5850 (DoHH!!!) and so replaced it with a XFX HD4890.

After installing the card I ran 3DMark06 and only scored 15950 :pfff: , this seems really low. Even my old rig with a E8400@4.5ghz and a HD4870 scores higher (16736).

Im using the latest drivers (9.11) The score above is with the card slightly OC'd to 900/1000 : /

The card is running in a 16x PCI-e slot. I'm using 3DMark06 Default settings.

System specs:
Core i7 920 (D0) @ 4ghz HT on
Gigabyte UD5
3x1GB OCZ running at 1200mhz 6-6-6-18 1T
XFX HD4890 900/1000
Coolermaster Realpower M700
Sammy F3 500GB
Coolermaster HAF932
Windows 7 Home premuim 64bit (fresh install)

Have I recieved a defective card, should I return it?

Anyone got any ideas??? I would really appreciate any help.
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  1. I just put my friends old graphics card in my PC (8800GT stock), I then ran 3dmark06 and scored 15197 points.

    So theres only a 700point differance from a 8800GT to a HD4890 .....wow!!!
  2. so does it underperform in games or?

    3dmark means shiz to me.
  3. well I've only got L4D2 demo, until tomorrow when i get fallout 3 GOTY edition.

    L4D2 seems to play alright, but I have no idea if its performing as it should.

    3Dmark06 is a good way to see if your system is performing as it should and obviously mine isn't.
    I've also tryed the 9.10 drivers and that made no differance at all, and i also put my card in my friends computer and the card still under-performs.

    Anyone got any clue at all???

  4. Download FRAPS there, Turbo, and see what your FPS is in the demo. Probably should be maxing good old source out w/a 920/4890.
  5. well with max settings at 1920x1080 8xAA it ranges from 65FPS (when im shooting like a mad man on crack) to about 110+ and id say average is about 80-90FPS.

    I installed company of hereos tales of valor and used the in game performance test

    With everything to the maximum including AA and highest model detail @ 1920x1080 I got AVG=53.3 Min=31.0 Max=60.0

    Then I put in my mates card which is a GTX275 stock and ran the test again with same settings AVG=46.4 Max=50.4 Min=21.0

    So the 4890 is doing the justice in games if it can beat a GTX275. Just weird 3Dmark06 score only 15950 points.....I R so confussed
  6. Yeah, 3dmark can be stupid sometimes. Drivers are usually the culprit but as long as the games play fine, it doesn't matter
  7. yeah true, its only a temperary card until i can afford another 5850 or an nVidia G300 series card.

    Thanks for your help. P.S F*CK 3DMark :P
  8. Just one question... how did you kill a... 5850?
  9. Well im not entirely sure, but i think i may have scratched one of the gold connectors that goes into the PCI-E lane on a motherboard when i removed it.

    TBH im not 100% sure, and Novatech didn't know either and so they gave me a refund ( shame they didnt have any 5850's in stock for a replacement).

    The card wouldnt display anything at all, but the fan would spin at 100% all the time. lol.
  10. Looks about right to me, Id say your loosing points by only having 3G of ram.
  11. RAM isn't the limiting factor, I had a ATi 5850 and with that card I was getting 24K + points with the same system

    3G of RAM is more than enough for 3dmark06, I dnt think it even uses 1G of RAM
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