Help Overclocking AMD Phenom II x2 555 BE

Ive been trying to overclock my AMD for about 8 hours now, i am a beginner so if something sounds stupid please dont hate :ange: I cant seem to get a stable run.Hopefully you guys can see something I cant.

Motherboard: M4A785TDV-EVO
(inbrackets) = actual number after multiplication of FSB
FSB/HT: 230
CPUClock: x17.5 (4.025ghz)
CPU/NB:11.0x (2530mhz)
Cpu VDDA Vltage:2.50

Ive tried playing around with the FSB and mulltipliers! Even my ram voltages.
Can anyone give me any ideas or guidelines? Ive been following this guys page to learn and this is about as far as my knowlefge goes so far.
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  1. why dont you just unlock the extra 2 cores alot of stuff makes use of the extra cores these days
  2. Well ive had that for a while, but id like to have both for an extra boost of power.
  3. Corsair H50 water cooling!
  4. Isnt the max voltage on the 555BE 140V , not trying to be rude, just cautious.
  5. Okk awsome, and do i leave all my other settings at default? Or leave them the way they are now
  6. That 785 chipset does have its limits....BTW....1.56v is my absolute maximum operating voltage that these chips can handle although you better be running a better water cooler than that H50...My 965BE with the H50 got smoking HOT during my prime95 benching my max stable settings were 1.56v@4.3GHz average temp on a 11 hour prime95 small fft's run was 65c..Thats way to hot so I had to upgrade to a XSPC RASA RS240...Temps never reach above 48c in 24c ambient..and my radiator is RAM modules are you runningt? RAM plays a huge role in the all around stabilty of the set-up especially during an OCing scenario.
  7. You dont think the H50or h60 i cant remember witch, can handle it at 1.475V?
  8. Oh, 1.475v yeah no problems I have both the H50 and H60 on AMD chips.
  9. And lowjack im running 8GB of 1333RAM DDR3 at 1.65V / i have two different companies, the COZ runs min 1.65V the patriot min 1.5V.
  10. And recon i ran the cpu at 4ghz @ 1.475v it BSOD'd Error x00000124
  11. Well, mismatch RAM is gonna be a limiting factor on your stability as they run on two different voltages...making them default to the lowest settings....If your gonna clock this rig correctly get you a matching set of DRAM...The results will speak for themselves....BTW..All chips are not created equal you may have to go to 1.5v at 4.0 GHz, 1.53v for 4.1 GHz, and even as high as the dreaded 1.55v from 4.2 - 4.3 GHz...4.0 GHz is my 24/7 setting when folding as the benefits of going above that is minimal for the extra voltage...DANGER: MAKE SURE YOU HAVE PROPER COOLING AT ANYTHING ABOVE 1.5V...
  12. I removed the odd stick of ram, so i currently have 4gb @ 1333 8-8-8-23 , which is fine for now. I can pass roughly 10 runs with IBT at maximum than it crashes , at this point its coming down to setting very minimal voltage changes im at roughly 1.52V and it looks like im very near the finished OC, temperatures still under 55° ( stay around 50°). Thanks guys.
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    NP...Just get you another 4 GB stick of 1333 @ 8-8-8-23 that way you've got'em running in dual channel..Lots of benefits from running in dual mode over single
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  15. How do i know if thats compatible with my motherboard, if its not in the manual ( the manual is a bit dated)
  16. Its works with that board I am positive
  17. Wonderful, one last thing. I Live in canada and i can get really good deals from this store , do you think this would be the equivelant to the ripjaw. ...
  18. I'm not a big fan of the Vengeance Series of RAM modules..How about these 4 modules = $108.00 USD:

    IMHO..Mushkin, Kingston, and G.Skill are the best RAM mfgs. in that order
  19. Yea thats not an issue, i might go out tommorow and grab them, thanks alot :D you made my overclock possible
  20. Glad to be of assistance Just open another thread and I will help you get your NB and other settings correct.
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