Would cpu upgrade makes difference for....

hi, my nephews' PC is an HP6155D

Core 2 Duo E4400 (C) DC 2.0 GHz
800 MHz front side bus
Intel 945G

I just recently upgraded the graphic cards
running windows XP, all updated, latest dx , HDD on IDE mode despite having SATA HDD

they say playability is ok, but some games, when I move the character up to look at the sun, it lags, even at low settings. (1440*900).

what can I do to improve gaming experience with minimum spending ?

thanks in advanced
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  1. you could always try to overclock the cpu by a little margin 2.4 ,2.5 or getting a tad
    faster processor they are now about 80 to 120 $
  2. which games are these in?
  3. Also make sure that power supply can produce enough power to run the card correctly.
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