High Idle Temps on Crossfire and Possible Bottleneck?? [AMD]

Hey guys I've been looking around and I can't find an exact answer I'm hoping to get some discussion about the setup I'm using.

Windows 7 64x
AMD Phenom II Quad core @ 3.4GHz (Stock speed)
8.0 GB of RAM Patriot Gamer DDR3
2 of HD6870's in crossfire [One is XFX other is HIS, stock speeds (I might overclock them but is it worth it?)]
Corsair H70 liquid cpu cooler with push/pull going out the back exhaust port.
890FXA-GD65 Mobo
Case: Rosewill Smart One Midtower (LOL some POS I bought years ago don't hate)
Rosewill 1000w Bronze PSU

I have 4 x 120MM case fans all ran with a fan controller, one in front pushing in, one on side pushing in, one on top pulling out, and then the push/pull exhausting out the back.

SO all the little stuff aside here are the weird problems:

1) When I first boot up and don't touch my computer my gfx cards will IDLE at 60C UNTIL I start doing something, if I play a game etc then go back to idling they will idle around 45 (Still a little warm but I can live with it).
I try to fan them manually with Afterburner and never let them go above 70C during gaming/heavy use etc.
EDIT: It appears that my cards are NOT auto-clocking down to a lower speed upon start up, is there anyway to make them throttle down when idle?? I thought this was default and you had to change it to make them not do that?

2) While playing games (using Afterburner) I can see that my cards are only being used 50% each, yet I'm not maxing out on FPS
[Battlefield 3, 1920x1080, "High" settings] and I'll average ~55 FPS, this is while both cards are only 50% and at 70C.

So I was wondering if the Quad Core @ 3.4GHz might be bottle necking? I might go with a new processor since AMD is cheap, if you have a recommendation please tell me. This is the first time I've run into bottle necking and I'm not sure how to diagnose it so some input on symptoms would be super helpful.

If you have any other suggestions like More RAM or diff cpu please do tell me I would love feedback.

Thanks ahead of time, you guys are experts and I love getting tips for my build, keep up the good work.

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  1. Bump to see if anyone has an ideas. :\

    EDIT: I am contemplating purchasing the Hexa core 3.8GHz stock 4.1Ghz Turbo AMD cpu. Please take this into consideration.
    I am ALSO contemplating purchasing a much better case, suggestions as to which case I can get would be awesome (~130$ range) Thanks guys!
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