CMOS Setting Error

Every time I turn on my computer, I get two short beeps and according to my mobo manual it represents the "CMOS Setting Error". My computer boots up fine anyway, but there has been times where the computer didn't. I've tried setting my BIOS to optimized settings, but that didn't do anything.

P55 UD3 Rev 1.0
XFX Radeon HD 5770
2x WD 600 GB HD RAID 0
GSKILL Ripjaws DDR3-1333 CL7-7-7-21 1.5V
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  1. Try to reset CMOS by shorting appropriate pins. On my MoBo, it is actually a button.
    On my old one, it was a jumper. Don't forget to pull out the power cord before doing this.

    Or, you could take out the CMOS battery and put it back.

    Once this is done, then load optimized defaults and press F10 to save them.
  2. Will this require me to have to reinstall my raid array and my OS?

    And I also forgot to ask what the consequences are if I didn't do anything about the two beeps.
  3. I advise you to ask someone who runs raids. I do not have a use for raid, so I am not sure.

    I think (which is different from knowing), that resetting your cmos will have no effect on your raid arrays, provided you set the cmos correctly after resetting it and before booting.
  4. First thing after reset (...and be damned sure to 'catch it'! [:isamuelson:8] ...'peck at' that <DEL> key to enter the BIOS like you're a woodpecker!) do two things: set the controller back to RAID, and set the CD/CDV to 'first boot item'; if the controller's set to RAID before it can 'hit the disk', your array will remain unharmed; with the CD as 'first boot', you can slip a bootable disk (I always use a copy of Memtest...) into the drive, and it'll never 'hit the disk'!

    I often do this when I need to boot numerous times in a row, as waiting for the RAID 'drive discovery' is only 12-16 seconds (I have three pairs, two zeros and a one), but if you have to do it thirty times to get some RAM parameter 'fiddled into perfection', it seems like fffooorrreeevvveeerrr [:bilbat:6]; with a boot disk in the CD I can reset the drives to standard IDE, the detection is pretty much instant, and my arrays are 'safe'[:lectrocrew:2]
  5. I touched the CMOS reset pins with my screwdriver while the computer was off, then loaded optimized bios, and put my raid back. I'm still getting the two beeps.
  6. That is a bummer. At this point, it is:
    -your bios is corrupted (where even opt.defaults are not right)
    -something that is connected requires different settings than optimized

    Two things:
    -unplug all usb per bilbat sticky, just to be sure it ain't usb problem
    -are the raid beeps different? May-be raid signals this way that all is sweet?
  7. RAID 'polling'/'discovery' is done 'outside the BIOS' by the 'Option ROM' provided by the controler's manufacturer, and is soundless...
  8. Is there a way to tell what settings I need?

    I unplugged all my USB devices and booted and it still gave me the same double beep. Also, I wasn't aware of RAID beeps. The double beep happens before the computer even gets to discovering the RAID array.
  9. In a case like this, what I would do if I really cared to find out what is going on is this:

    I would disconnect everything except cpu, cpu fan, memory and video card. Bios defaults. Try to boot. Still receiving 2 beeps? If yes, then try swapping remaining components one by one, ie: check memory by running one stick at a time, also try friend's memory. Try friend's video card. CPU would be nice if you can find compatible one.

    Still two beeps? No: - you have the component that fails post. Yes: - reflash bios or RMA the board.

    Lot's of digging, but personally, I am not willing to pay for anything that isn't running right.

    bilbat, can the bios be flashed back to a previous version, rolled-back?

    Also, have you ever done bios update with @BIOS utility? Per bilbat sticky this may end corrupring everything, including secondary bios (bios B). I would never have enough balls to even think of messing with bios in windows over internet, but people do that, because Gigabyte actually recommends it, - go figure.
  10. Quote:
    bilbat, can the bios be flashed back to a previous version, rolled-back?

    Yup - I mention this in the 'sticky', under BIOS Flashing:

    "if it's a 'dud', you can always 'flash back' to the last thing that worked well for you."

    Per bilbat sticky this may end corrupring everything, including secondary bios (bios B).

    Actually, I don't think anything(short of a soldering iron!) can 'mess with' the backup BIOS - I think it's in 'plain old' ROM - not E²PROM [electrically eraseable, programmable read only memory], or EAROM [electrically alterable read only memory](I already promised someone, I'd check the chip numbers, when the next board comes through here, and see exactly 'who lives in what!'), the problem would appear to be with the piece of code (the 'boot block') in the main BIOS, that is responsible for handling the 'revert to original' procedure if the main BIOS is corrupted; a 'normal flash' never overwrites that boot block - an @BIOS flash appears to be able to...
  11. I've never updated my BIOS since I got this computer. Will disconnecting my hard drives mess up my RAID array?

    Another thing is that I don't know what will happen if I just leave that beeping there. It's been doing this for about a month or so, and it's pretty much been working fine. It's just that it irks me since I know that only a single beep is the signal for a successful POST.
  12. Quote:
    I've never updated my BIOS since I got this computer. Will disconnecting my hard drives mess up my RAID array?

    The very best way to do it is to disconnect your hard drives - then you can't accidentally corrupt the RAID array between the time you upgrade the BIOS, and get the RAID setting in the BIOS set up correctly... If on that first boot after the BIOS flash, you somehow 'miss' the <DEL> for BIOS entry, and it tries to boot from one of the disks that was in the array, the array is pretty certainly gone...

    If it was me, I fiddle around until I found the cause - but I'm [:bilbat:2] notoriously obsessive-compulsive! I think most 'normal' [:fixitbil:9] people would simply verify that everything is, indeed, working correctly - and then disconnect the speaker [:isamuelson:8]
  13. Not me either. I must have it performing to specs, or else, I shouldn't pay full price.
    I know some people say : "Hey look, it isn't perfect, isn't it a bummer? What are you going to do? Just live with it..." But, this is wrong.

    Try to come to the store and give them somewhat imperfect money. Not only they won't give you the product, they'd call police on you. No exceptions. So then, the stores should be treated the same way.

    hp-p00nst3r, seriously, I would swap-check the components, then try to upgrade BIOS (or vice-versa) and barring success return for an exchange.

    Remember, if and when this small problem turns into a big headache, the first thing they will ask is : "Why didn't you insist on RMA? We conclude that you didn't want this product to perform to specs."

    Have you tried Gigabyte support? Although, I did, and I am sooo not impressed to say the least. Awsome boards, - horrible support team.

    I told them that my GSATA RAID CONFIG option in BIOS is freezing (if I enter that menu, I can not get out short of rebooting), - and they have replied I should just disable the GSATA controller and not use it.
  14. Well I may have found the culprit. I disconnected both my HD's and my DVD drive and the computer loaded with no beeps (I thought this was weird since I thought I was supposed to only get one beep). I plugged in my two HD's and then there was still no beep. Now I'm thinking this has to do with the only component left, the DVD drive. Is this a plausible conclusion here? Does this mean that there is something physically wrong with my DVD drive or can I still deal with this issue through the BIOS. I haven't done any BIOS update yet. As per devt333's earlier post, once I've found the component, I don't need to do a BIOS flash.

    The DVD drive is a Sony DRU870S 24X DVD+/-RW SATA Internal DVD Writer
  15. No beeps = something is still wrong with bios. Without drives and dvdrom you should have a one beep! Bios doesn't need drives to complete the test and give you one beep. It does need memory and video. If you have onboard video, - remove addon video card. Try leaving just one stick of memory in slot one and boot. Something is still wrong. Take a look at fron panel connector on mobo, - this is where it is very easy to mismatch wires. I would rip them all out (except beeper) and start mobo by just shorting the two "+power-" pins with a screwdriver.

    Yes, it is funky that adding a dvd changes no beeps to two beeps, but it is not valid, because you're not starting from one beep as you need to.

    Also, if all your drives sata, then there should be no jumpers. If you use ide to sata adapter "bridge" then the drive should be set to "single", if drives are ide, then set them all to CS. (But, again, you ain't got no beep even with no drives attached, so your hole goes a bit deeper.)
  16. While I had the DVD Writer plugged in, I could hear two solid BEEP noises, but once I took it out, I didn't have those solid BEEP sounds. There was a new sound, sort of like a buzzing noise, which could a beep. It's a familiar sound. So it's not a completely silent boot. I'm not sure how to describe that sound, I don't know how to put that in an onomatopoeia.

    Just to restate something that I mentioned in the first post: my computer is able to boot into Win 7 x64. In fact I'm using it to type this post right now.
  17. If you aren't able to describe the sound as a beep, then it ain't beep. You know beeps when you hear them. Your speaker is capable of two beeps, right? Thus it is surely capable of one beep. And if it is not, then it isn't getting a clean beep frequency, and that means the board is faulty.

    You will not get anywhere, until you do the component testing. You must find the condition when you receive a clean one beep, and start adding components back from there.

    If you find yourself with just one memory stick in slot 1 (that by itself passes the memtest), the (known good) CPU and (known good) video, with no wires on front connector (but the speaker), and still not getting a one solid beep, on optimized defaults, on a bench (on carton box and not inside the case - something may-be shorting the board to the ground, like a poorly placed stand - only holes with a grounding on them must be used for metal stands) - then the board is faulty.

    You can try (and I would) to flash to newer BIOS, and if there is still no 1 beep, then RMA. You can always buy "a loaner", to run on while they repair yours. If you buy exactly same mobo, btw, you'd know if it is typical.
  18. What is your CPU model? I just read in russian section of these forums that this board doesn't like i7 cpu... They are not clear on what exactly is happening, but they say it's beeping wrong way, and their stores are not selling this board with i7, only with i3 and i5.
  19. I'm using the Intel Core i5 750.

    I'm going to try the component testing now and see what results I get.

    By the way, I don't have a separate speaker installed in my computer. It didn't come with the case. I am just assuming the beep is coming from the board itself.
  20. Is your board GA-P55-UD3 ? looks right?

    Per Manual [p28] front panel connector pins 14,20 are for the speaker.
    I do not see a speaker on the mobo photo, so I don't think your mobo has an inernal speaker.
    An internal speaker looks like a black "barrel" about 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch, mounted always flat, with a speaker hole visible on top flat end.
  21. That is indeed the board I'm using. That's interesting, then where are the beeping sounds coming from? I know for a fact that I don't have one plugged in. Are these beeps somehow independent from POST?

    Hmm I unplugged all front panel connectors, a stick of RAM, both SATA HD, and my SATA DVD Drive. No beep. I guess this is consistent with the fact that I dont have an internal speaker.

    I've run memtest for both sticks of ram for about 10 hours before and both showed up clean.

    I think I'm going to hold off on updating the BIOS until I find out what the deal is with the beeping sounds coming out even with no speaker.
  22. ...should've mentioned 'no speaker' about twenty-two posts back [:bilbat:9]

    Known problem - something in the Vregs makes audible noises, especially at startup on the A suffix 1156/1366 MOBOs; I'd have to compare dates between a number of boards to know what rev you should see the fix in, but I'd just go right to the latest one, F8...
  23. ...I'd be fooled too if I heard beeps. Except I know to connect my speaker.

    Fry's or Microcenter have them either test sets (speaker on two short wire-legs), or case speakers.

    You can also rip one out of older computer, speakers are forward-compatible (for now, at-least).
  24. Hmm I'm going to go pick up a speaker tomorrow. It's definitely a worthwhile investment.

    bilbat suggested that I update my BIOS to the latest version, but I've also read that updating the BIOS doesn't have to be done if I'm not experiencing problems. I guess the question is then, does this justify a BIOS upgrade?
  25. Yes. If you hear beep from something that isn't supposed to produce sounds (Vregs?), that means it is doing something weird, or it's receiving audible frequency instead of what it needs. Definitely a case for BIOS flash in my book.

    With these BIOS updates the thing is, it used to be true that no update is needed unless something is broken. But with everyone being so hyper about updating their BIOS warranted or not, the manufacturers are now counting on you updating the BIOS, so they are not generally selling the full working product, which makes for faster delivery, with full worked-out bug testing somewhere in the future.
  26. Okay, I used QFlash and updated the bios to the F8 version that bilbat mentioned. Double beep still happens. Thats strange indeed.
  27. You gotta find the source of these beeps. I am curious.

    If I remember correctly, you have beeps coming after you connect the sony dvd drive?

    I just checked on google for "DRU870S beep" and nothing shows up. It may do some higher pitched grinding sound when checking for a disk, but so does floppy, and the onomatopoeia for those would usually be "click", not "beep".
  28. Most reports I have seen describe it as a 'screeching' noise... I just assumed the PWM frequency for the MOSFET start-up was passing thriugh the audible range at startup - used to hear PWM motors 'whine' all the time, 'till they got the frequencies up...
  29. Yes the beeps stop when I disconnect my DVD drive.

    It's definitely not a screeching noise. It is a very clear beep noise, which is why it confused me as a system beep.
  30. Hmm..

    I had my iPod Video plugged in when I started. No beep, but I got the buzz sound.

    I'm not so sure if I should be worried about this sound anymore...
  31. I am having the same issues with 2 beeps, but I am getting no monitor, mouse or keyboard functions so the best I can do is clear the CMOS and remove the battery. Nothing seems to be working.
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