I dont know if this is the appropriate spot for this but BSoD error generally means something connected to the MOBO issue. this isnt really a(n) issue its more of an annucense. what it is is a qucick BSoD error that happens right at boot then my computer restarts itself then it works fine. i checked to see if anything is broken or fried or if something is getting hot and everything checks out. my 3dmark score didnt drop my games run fine and stress tests say im good to go. now this only happens when i turn off my PC then flip the swich on the back of my PSU, when i turn the PSU on the my computer i get a BSod flash for a second then a reboot then it works fine. but if i turn off my PC and not the PSU and i go to start it i dont get that issue. so this leads me to believe this is a PSU issue. my PSU model# is this " BFGR1000WEX " just google it and you will see its not a cheap nore a bad PSU. this all started happening when i was working on my wireing on my Cooler master HAF 932 and plugged all the case fans into molex connectors and plugged it into my PSU. could this be the issue of the BSoD and if not what might be causing this.

MY Specs:
BFG 1000w
ASUS Crosshair Formula III
4gb Patriot 1333 DDR3 RAM
AMD 965 4.0Ghz (no heat issue)
ATI radeon HD r5770 Hawks x2 Crossfire 1000 core 1300 mem (no heat issue)
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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    Test the RAM stick by stick in the slots and see what happen, also check the temps of ur NB on the mobo.
  2. i already ran a full ram check and it checked out and the north bridge temps are fine as well. i dont see how this can even be a heat problem due to the fact when i do get the BSoD it doesnt stay on long enough for anything to get hot. and yea the ram is brand new to.
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