Acer 7535g graphics cards issue windows xp

I have a problem that seems impossible to solve. The acer 7535g has two cards; Ati 3200 and hd 4570, I have installed XP but I can not make the 4570 card my primary graphics card, so that i can play games on good settings.

The cards are designed to switch when the power is pluged in or taken out to save battery, I'm not bothered about doing this I just want to assign my laptop screen to use the 4570 card on xp.
Can any one help me please
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    Have you looked at the BIOS settings for graphics cards?

    Switchable graphics don't seem to work well with XP.. there are very few exceptions. If there is no BIOS setting, you might have to use another operating system to take advantage of the 4570.

    Also, congrats, this thread is the fourth result on a Google search for Acer 7535g... a product which does not appear to exist on Acer's support site...
  2. I've been looking into this for the past week, and i've had many leads that just did not seem to work out for this particular system and situation, I did see a thread with a guy that got it working by changing a setting in the advanced tab in Bios, but I dont have the advanced tab, is there any way to update the bios to access it.
  3. I Have given up with XP, it will not work properly with the ACER 7535G I have installed Windows 7 and everything is good. It now runs a lot of recent games on high settings. One problem that you will come accross is that the HD 4750 card wont be selectable in the display options unless you do the mobility modder from driver heaven.

    Then you can see it in duel view, but you can then chose to just use the second card only.

    Hope this is helpful to someone
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