140 Sempron unlocked

Hi guys,
I've managed to unlock my Sempron 140 to a dual core.
Just wondering what would be some good settings for overclocking ?
I'm new to this, so if you can just list what needs to be done I'd be soo happy to just follow them.

I'm running on a gigabyte ga-ma78lmt-s2
4Gb RAm (Hyper-x 1600Mhz DDR3)
550W PSu
Sound Blaster audigy 2 zs card
Stock fan
No case for now

I'd like to clock up to around 3.6 maybe higher if it would be stable.

Thanks guys
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  1. i would suggest getting an aftermarket cooler first of all, and go into your bios, there should be an overclocking menu somewhere :P

    just change the CPU/NB link speed and once it becomes unstable raise the cpu voltage, but i wouldnt suggest over volting much until you get an aftermarket cooler
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