ATI Radeon 5850 crossfire x

does the Corsair HX1000 PSU handle a crossfired radeon 5850? cos im planning to buy two of these.
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    Absolutely. It will be plenty.
  2. Yes it should handle it fine
  3. I got pcp silencer quad 750w and it handles crossfire X smoothly.
  4. cool, coz back then i had a doubt that it can't, because from amd/ati website, is says that my PSU (corsair hx1000) can handle only 1 radeon 5850/5870 and 3 radeon 4000 series.
  5. it may be on the edge , but i've seen gtx 280 (not even 285) SLI run on corsair cmpsu 650tx . and the 5850's are way better than those power sucking babies :)
  6. kit u want ur system shutting down or blue screen of death randomly go away and save 50 dollars.
  7. It's nowhere close to the edge. You could CF a pair of 5970s and it would still handle it (though if you overclocked them, you'd be cutting it pretty close).
  8. you can quad-fire 5850's with that PSU....

    Get a 750w and save yourself some cash....
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