OCZ Agility 3 vs Corsair F60 - Rampage Gene III - Poor Speeds?

Just installed new 120GB Agility 3 with r/w speeds of 500 as advertised.

Ive connected the Agility 3 using 6GB/s Sata III port on my Rampage Gene III Mobo.


AS you can see from screenshot above, side by side Agility 3 / Old Corsair F60.

Any tips as to why performance of the Agility 3 isn't as expected?

Thanks in advance
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  1. Both your Agility 3 & Corsair F60 are getting poor speeds because they are in IDE mode and they are mis-aligned.

    "pciide" means that the drive is in IDE mode. Any SSD must be in AHCI mode for maximum performance.

    "BAD" means that the drive is not aligned properly. This normally happens when you clone or image incorrectly.

    Backup any needed data and do a fresh install of Windows rather restoring an image or disk copy.
  2. Windows is installed on my F60 drive. i was just testing the Agility 3. This evening i plan to wipe both drives and install windows fresh on my Agility 3.

    Once i have installed windows normally to the Agility SSD, how would i change the mode of the drive to AHCI? thought BIOS?

    Thanks your for your reply btw!
  3. Change the SATA mode in BIOS before installing Windows.
    See page 3-28 of your motherboard manual for instructions.
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong, You have the LGA 1366 Intel X58 MB?
    And the Sata III ports are on a older marvel Controller.

    If so you may be better off installing your Agillity III on the Intel Sata II port. You will lose some of the Sequencial read/write performance when compared to using it on an Intel SATA III port, but it will probably perform better over all on the Intel Sata II than on the marvel based SATA III controller.

    As Dereck47 indicated, set the Bios to use AHCI (per MB instruction).
    .. Disconnect ALL other HDDs, should only have the SSD connected that you want Windows 7 installed on.
    ..When doing the Install, select CUSTOM mode so that you can first DELETE any and all partitions on the SSD.
    .. This will install the default microsoft AHCI driver (msahci - NOT pcide) and create a small 100 mb system partition and align partitons.
    .. Once windows has completed install and downloaded updates, Download Intel's latest RST driver (ver 10.6) and install. this will change your driver from msahci -> iaSTor.
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