Ati dx11 or nvidia dx 11 ??

guys nd girls.....
my graphics card budget is within 150$ to 200$
ati has already released their army of dx11 cards......
my choice is ati 5770...since it falls within the budget.........
my question is....should i go for ati or wait for nvidia gtx 300 series ??
i suppse gtx 340 will be within my budget......
and that will have gddr5 also..........
wat should i do ????
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  1. If you are willing to wait a few months you can get nVidia, but there is no guarentee that they will release a card within your budget range. If you are building something prior to february of next year i would suggest a 5770 rather than waiting for the nVidia offerings as they may not be out for several months.
  2. so going by ur words the bst option is to buy the 5770 as i will be building my gaming rig end of dec to beginning of jan
  3. Since you want a DX11 card, its the only one that will be out then that is within your price range. The nVidia cards almost certainly wont be out by then, so if you want DX11 ATI is your only option.
  4. If you can wait, then wait.

    If you can't wait, then...
  5. How often do you change graphics cards....if you be doing this again b4 Xmas 2011, I wouldn't worry much about this....,2464-4.html

    You will note, most of the cards which "won a category" are ATI DX10 cards. The 5770 tied with the 4870 and nvidia 260 at the $155 price point.

    At $190, I'd get the 4890 as outlined in the article but again, everybody in my house upgrades GFX cards every other Xmas.
  6. no man i will have to stay it for a couple or more years....
  7. Even if you wait for something like NVIDIA Geforce GTX 360 but don't expect the price would be around $150 - $200 because it could be much more. NVIDIA Geforce GTX 360 could be from $300 - $400 :ouch:. As we all know, NVIDIA tends to make more expensive video cards in respect to ATI. And if you go with something lower like GTS 350, you could risk to get a rebranded/rehash of the old NVIDIA's GT200 or even possibly a rehash of NVIDIA's Geforce 8800 series with old G90 core even if it would be die shrink just like the GTS 250 which is a rehash of the old Geforce 8800 series and Geforce 9 series so the mainstream or lower end video cards from NVIDIA might not even have the new GT300 architecture (based on rumors on internet). Also, the cheaper and lower-end and mainstream like Geforce GTS 340 and Geforce GTS 350 (NVIDIA GTS 300 series) might come AFTER NVIDIA GTX 300 series so you can end up waiting forever (could be like within 4-5 months! :ouch:). Geforce GTS 350 could be from $200 - $230 and Geforce GTS 340 could be from $150 - $190 (based on Wikipedia's price prediction).

    You could have gone with ATI Radeon HD 5770 right away without having to wait...

    Just to remind you.... ;)
  8. Sincerely, I remember when Nvidia was the first to launch DX10 cards. I was waiting for ATI to release their HD series and we all know how it ended, Nvidia was having the best product on shelves 6 months before ATI HD3870.

    I think that history is repeating itself here, but Nvidia being in ATI shoes...

    You need to take into account that Nvidia showed false cards at their press event. They also wanted to avoid DX11 and that their CEO has become crazy lately... no good sign for a good product in it's way... and also, it seems more and more realistic to expect Nvidia cards around the month of february...
  9. I think that NVIDIA got screwed with their Geforce 9 series (refresh of Geforce 8 series) at the beginning and then ATI made a surprise attack with something better like Radeon HD 4000 series. Maybe because NVIDIA had underestimated ATI since ATI was trying to catchup with NVIDIA Geforce 8 series.

    NVIDIA was spending more and releasing Geforce 9 series, GT200 and now NVIDIA needs to also release GT300 while ATI released only Radeon HD 4000 series and Radeon HD 5000 series. This might explain to why NVIDIA is releasing DX 11 video cards late and after ATI. Maybe NVIDIA is more exhaust than ATI due to Geforce 9 series release.
  10. There is no such thing as DX11 support from Nvidia. Thread Fail. :D
  11. well dx11 card are coming out from nvidia....and if u read the thread carefully u will see that i asked should i wait for nvidia's dx11 cards or go by the already available ati dx 11 cards
  12. tunnelrat said:
    well dx11 card are coming out from nvidia....and if u read the thread carefully u will see that i asked should i wait for nvidia's dx11 cards or go by the already available ati dx 11 cards

    Really? I see no evidence that they are coming out anytime soon... Perhaps you have some insider's source you can share?
  13. well....if u search the net...u can see rumours and many sites the release of gtx 380 on november itself !!!
    and others in 2010....................
  14. nVidia is not all gung ho about DX11. Especially since ATI beat them to it. nVidia has no DX 11 card as of now.
  15. they dont i accept that....but many sites are beating it up that ...there will cards from nvidia that will have dx 11.........and its not just me...many are confused abt just wanted to clarify it !!!!!!
  16. The nvidia cards should be a much greater improvement in performance as well as including Dx11. The 5000 series is worth it for now, but it really isn't all that drastic of a performance increase considering the jump in performance you saw from Dx9 cards to Dx10 cards. From what I can tell Nvidia has realized they were beat to the punch, so they plan on finishing their product correctly, and make cards that are supposed to be performance beasts.
  17. I must say nVidia stinks at the art of suspense. They badly need a new strategy or a new team of developers, coz they've been crap at both marketing and up-to-date technology for a while now. Yesterday, I made my decision. I've had it with the silly rumors and the endless waiting. ATI 5770 is arriving in post at the end of this week. Too bad nVidia. ATI lost you another customer. I even bought an ASRock mobo with support for both SLI and CrossFire, coz I was willing to wait a bit, but enough is enough. It's a shame, really, coz I liked nVidia's green logo. I guess I'm turning red and can't wait till I do. :kaola:
  18. Why was a 4 month old post resurrected?
  19. No idea, especially as the OP was asking about a GTX300.
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