Gaming problems, 8800GT, IP35 - crashes, glitches, quirks, BSOD

Hi all,
I really hope to find one or two experts in this area ;)

As the title says, it's not been easy gaming with this rig:
Asus nvidia 8800GT G92GT rev A2
C2D E8400 C0
Abit IP35 Pro 1.0
Zalman 600W modular
Corsair 4x1GB CM2X1024-6400 XMS2 5-5-5-18

Problem: All kind of games are crushing down followed by BSOD. Even 3DMark06 crushes sometimes (IDirect3D9::GetDeviceCaps failed: Not available (D3DERR_NOTAVAILABLE)).
I have many error msg writen down, and I was investigating my self all over the internet, found a lot of nice hints and possible solutions but problem still exists - and I think I can't fix this.
Here you can see screenshots just before BSOD/crushing, and there is few error msgs under some of the screenshots:
Crashing happens after 5 to 30 min of playing

Played with different Windows versions (32bit / 64bit of XP, Vista and 7 ), ALL (mobo, nvidia) drivers versions tested - no go. The only noticable improvement was with Windows 7 x64 but still crashing and BSOD sometimes.

- RAM is tested few times in many different ways, works for sure.
- Another used 8800GT tested and the same problem occures --> used card so can't be 100% sure (card owner says it works on his machine thou)
- ATI 4850 didn't even POST (beep, beep, beep, beeeeeeeep) but that was also used card so who knows but at this point it was hard to suspect the graphic card anymore so next was mobo to be replaced.
- Tried with another mobo, Asus P5QL Pro, brand new one - actually was much faster mobo than IP35 Pro in everyday Windows tasks, but in games the same fcking errors and crashes occured - didn't help so I returned that mobo back
- I ve tried a couple of different 8800GT BIOSes but no difference in here.
- Tried also mobo's BIOSes 16, 17 and 18 but no go

Well, I m getting new Corsair TX 620W PSU and ATI 4770 these days but what do you suggest me to test first, new PSU with present 8800GT or new GPU with present Zalman? --> could it be PSU which is causing these problems? It's hard to think that CPU could be failure (didnät even OC it much at all) ?

Any thoughts, help is much appreciated!
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  1. Hello :)
    You seem to do everything that i could have recommended,but you said that you haven't OC'd it much,so it seems you have OC'd your CPU,return it to stock speeds and see if it helps or not.
  2. yeah that..

    Four pieces of Corsair 1GB CM2X1024-6400 XMS2 5-5-5-18

    whats the best voltage with P35 chipset mate?
  3. I too am having the exact issue with my 8800 GT Nvidia card. Those screen shots you posted with your issues is exactly what I am seeing now including the display driver error. I think I can narrow the issue down to a few potential issues after all I have done, troubleshoot and read. When I bought this PC and had it built they (at FRY's Electronics) installed everything and set up all the bios. My system was running smooth for a while until it got bogged down. One day I decided to reformat and set my bios to Default. After I reformatted and reinstalled everything (drivers, updates games etc) I then noticed my system was not running the same while playing games. COD4, LOTRO etc. I think either the card went bad or the bios setting was changed from what they at Frys set it to. My AI tweaker in my bios is all set to AUTO and to be honest I know little of Bios settings. SOOOOO now I need to frist take my Nvidia Geforce 8800 GT card to Frys and ask them to test it to see if its broken, then if it is not I need to ask them to reset my bios to work with my pc and video card. I would love someone here to see my system and specs and tell me what my Bios and Video card settings should be set to. Currently the nvidia settings are all at factory default. Here is what I have:

    System Model P5Q DELUXE
    System Type X86-based PC
    BIOS Manufacturer American Megatrends Inc.
    Release Date 8/5/2008
    BIOS Version A_M_I_ - 8000805
    BIOS Version BIOS Date: 08/05/08 17:18:22 Ver: 08.00.14
    BIOS Version BIOS Date: 08/05/08 17:18:22 Ver: 08.00.14
    Board Product ID P5Q DELUXE

    Windows Version Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3 Build 2600
    System Uptime 0 days, 0 hrs, 26 mins, 44 secs

    Intel Core2 Duo CPU E8500
    Core 1- 3.16 ghz system bus 1333
    Core 2- 3.16 ghz system bus 1333

    Drive Name Capacity Partitions Status
    ST3160812AS 149 GB 1 OK
    ST3160812AS 149 GB 1 OK

    Drive Name Transfer Rate
    HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-4167B SCSI CdRom Device 2016

    Device Type Total Space Free Space Filesystem Volume SN
    A: 3 1/2 Inch Floppy Drive - - - -
    C: Local Fixed Disk 149 GB 32 GB NTFS 781BBC4E
    D: Local Fixed Disk 149 GB 26 GB NTFS 1CE81C82
    E: CD-ROM Disc - - - -

    Location Part Number Capacity
    DIMM0 - 2048
    DIMM2 - 2048

    Total RAM: 4096 MB, 2632 MB free
  4. hubis said:
    yeah that..

    Four pieces of Corsair 1GB CM2X1024-6400 XMS2 5-5-5-18

    whats the best voltage with P35 chipset mate?

    I've 4gb of Corsair RAM running @1.78v on a P35 board, I would swap out the PSU first as you are going to have a 50 - 50 choice of what to do first and it will not require any driver changes.
  5. I am having same glitches as Hubis is. I play some games for 5-10 min and I get these same problems he is showing in his screen shots. I also get the driver error message. Ive tried everything, and yes all my drivers are up to date etc. Here is what I have:
  6. I really never had to troubleshoot a PC issue for many months! This card is weirdly broken out of box - that's my summary.

    Looks like it's only some very tiny hardware problem which causes it to crash just on some certain situations. In some games it could be only one spot were it all goes wrong - in other games, problem occurs randomly everywhere in the game.
    And with different drivers, density of problems varies. For me it was hard to determine which drivers were best - anyhow couldn't get rid of the problem. Of course, I tried this and that with changing OS, other drivers, BIOSes, hardware testing etc etc hundreds of times but nothing helps.

    You want to hear more of this? I found another identical 8800GT and it does exactly the same problem! Manufacturer is Club 3D, not Asus as I wrote in original message. Club 3D it is and not a quality one huh, so I blame them. I actually wrote them a letter about the problem few months ago, they didn't even bother to answer anything - you owe me some money club 3d! -and spa vacation too to heal my nerves after this experience :P

    Now, powerful DirectX10 cards are nicely priced, so I solved this by buying me HD 4850 with silent fan, HDMI, VGA and DVI for under 100eur.

    This new ATI card comes next week, until then I can't stop thinking of this present problem just because. One thing could be.... anyone of you out there with the same problem - have you ever tried to change fan/cooler/thermal paste on the card? could be something with a card getting too hot?
    I ve noticed mine is running at 80 C degrees during gaming, I don't know if this is a bit too much. Anyway, I don't think I m putting any more effort on this one and try to check cooling system but if somebody does I hope you post some results.
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