What should i upgrade memory or cpu or video

What should I upgrade cpu, memory, or video?

Current Set-up:

Pentium D 935

2GB DDR2 1080mhz (with option of upgrading to DDR3 with my asrock p45r2000 motherboard)

GeForce 8600GT

I have a $200 budget and want to dump that money into one item. I play play games like Supreme Commander FA and Crysis.

When I play SupCom the game slows down as more units are on the map.

Anyways I would like a better graphics card, a quad core processor and more memory. But am attacking each one at a time.
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    SupCom will benefit more from a better processor.
    Crysis will benefit more from a better video card.

    I'd recommend grabbing a Radeon HD 5770 now if you want to upgrade something, and then save up enough money to ditch the LGA 775 platform all together and spring for an AM3, LGA 1156, or LGA 1366 setup.

    You'll need roughly another $500 minimum to upgrade your system to a more up-to-date gaming platform, but it'll be money well spent.

    What resolution do you run games at?
  2. Thanks for the recommendations, I think I will be getting the HIS H489FN1GH Radeon HD 4890 1GB 256-bit GDDR5 Video card.

    I chose this because I Will be upgrading to a Core i7 platform within the next few months and don't want to waist my money on a 775 processor.

    I also choose not to upgrade my memory right now because my system can only run dual channel ddr3 1333 max. When I go to the i7 platform I want to get the triple channel ddr3 1600

    The Dirty Prophet
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