Have bluray installed, but no bluray playback, what else do I need?

So I'm not really understanding how I get this drive to actually play bluray's. There is no firmware as it's just plug and play, I downloaded divx but still cant play a bluray disc that's in the drive. I just get something like "windows media player cannot play this type of file"

Am I missing more software to get this to play?
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  1. there is a software called VLC it should play Blu-Ray videos

  2. Window media player does not support playback of Bluray disc. Try the software comes with your bluray drive. My bluray comes with PowerDVD.

    VLC and CCP MPC can play the video from a bluray but does not support its menu.
  3. It comes with software, Power2go 7. But this seems to be software to write bluray, I don't see anything about reading a bluray disc and just playing it.
  4. Yeah, I got that as well. You probably forgot where you put your PowerDVD.

    Navigate to the video folder on your computer and play it with VLC.
  5. All that came with this drive is a disc that has Power2Go 7, there is no PowerDVD. So I basically got software with my drive that doesn't even let me play bluray's?
  6. That app cant be very good. I tried 6 blurays and only one worked. I downloaded vlc and cant understand how you get playback from this program. Can you explain it to me, because I selected a few options and just get an error message.

    This is really getting annoying.
  7. No to sure if any of the "Freebees" are going to be that great. main reason limited free ones is the "Royalty" fee that is required for the codec.

    The 3 most popular (not free) are:
    Total Theathre
    and WinDVD.
    You can probably download a "trial" version.
    One of the reasons to look at when buying a BD player, many include the player, but NOT all.
  8. http://www.digiarty.com/

    My brother says this only plays about a third of his blurays ^
  9. I use Corel Windvd Pro and Nero HD Multimedia suite to play mine
  10. I did quite a bit of searching on this about a month ago - at this point, there is no free software that will play a blu-ray in its original format. Backups etc are outside the arena this board covers. Cheapest solution i could find was nero, that has a blu-ray plug in available for its free media suite for $30. The media suite is a bit annoying, and the corel solution is nicer, but somewhat pricier.

    VLC will not play blu-ray discs as it cant decode them.
  11. Yeah, I noticed that you can play them on VLC and MPC only if you decrypt the video files.

    I guess the best thing to do is to pick up a copy of the OEM Bluray player software.
  12. So I downloaded Powerdvd10, it than asks me to update it so that new blurays will work. I updated it and it still doesn't work. I get a message that says I already updated, but than when I try and load the bluray movie, it loads it up to 90% than tell me to update, but when I do it tells me that I already updated.

    Is there no software that is going to work?
  13. Try corel windvd pro!
  14. Did you get the bluray software working?
  15. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    Did you get the bluray software working?

    Thank you so much. Finally something that works like it should. I downloaded the trial for Corel WinDVD Pro 11 and all of my blurays worked except for one. But that one that didn't work was a promotional bluray not for sale in stores, came with a PS3 I bought years back, maybe there was some different software on this. But 5 out of 6 blurays isn't bad. Much better than anything else I tested. :)

    Will buy the full version once this trial is out.
  16. Did you try the Total Theatre player.
    I have both that and Cyberlink.
  17. Windvd pro works very well.It is worth the money!
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