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Hi All

I have a xfx gtx 295 vga card, and was wondering will it be worth it (speedwise) to put in another and make it sli. The price is very expensive so I would appreciate if i knew if the speed was not that faster to merit another card. :bounce:

Thank you
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  1. I would say probably not. Quad GPU typically scales very poorly, and unless there's some reason that you're unhappy with your current performance, there's not that much gain to be had.
  2. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    I agree with cjl,Quad SLI doesn't scale vert well in most games,i think a single GTX 295 can handle games on decent settings for now,do you have any problems running games?
  3. Hey Guys

    Thanks for the replies, no problems to report. Just wanted to confirm my gut instinct that a second card was not fast enough to merit buying a 2nd card. I just find that on certian games it lags and well after loading patches sometimes to works and sometimes i just leave it. Who on the website can maybe advise me on my pc specs where my performance is been lost or not up to scratch and rather invest with something i know will make a speed difference?>

    My Specs Are:
    Asus Rampage 2 Extreme (Latest Bios)
    Coe I7 920 (Clocked at 3.6hz)
    XFX GTX 295N 1796MB-896Bit (Temp idle at 48, peak 70)
    3 x 2 Gig Ram Kingston 1800Mhz (Running at 1333)
    2 500GB Seagate 32mb Cache HDD running with Raid 0 Onboard
    26" T260 Samsung 1900*1200 res
    X-fi Pro Creative
    770 PSU Gigabyte
    Noctua NH-U12P SE1366 (Cpu idle at 35-40)- (peak 60-70)
    Thermaltake spedo Case
    Windows 7 Ultimate.
  4. You have a solid rig and that rig should play every game with no problems,in what games you have lag ?
  5. Hi, thanks Maziar

    Glad to hear the system is ok, games like ArmaII and Baldurs Gate especially if there is alot of fighting the games seem to lag ...I have loaded pathces and game fixes it is nothing specific but just the game feels sluggish. I know I am been full of crap because other games new ones are super smooth. Guess not all games work well on fast pc's espeically ones that have new technology. :bounce:
  6. Well if other games work fine then i don't thin your system has a problem.
    I don't have Baldurs gate but i have ARMA II and it gives me very low FPS too(mostly under 30)and when i searched in internet,i found that there are many users having bad experience with this game
  7. Hi Maziar

    Well atleast I know that it is not my rig that is the problem, since you have same issues with ArmaII. Thank you for your feedback, it really helped alot. Started playing Dragon Age and it works like a charm :bounce:
  8. Glad to hear it :) maybe a new patch/drivers will come out and may fix ARMA II issues
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