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I know this may seem like a silly question but I will ask it anyways. I am considering going to an enclosed water cooler like a corsair H70 for my cpu cooler. I know the fan and radiator usually go in the rear of the case where your exhaust fan is. My silly question is this... does using a cooler like this hinder your systems exhaust by using one of the exhaust fans to pull air out of your radiator as well? I have 3 120mm intake fans, the 120mm exhaust in the back and another 140mm exhaust out the top. Any input (or education) would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Top fan fans intake--> back Rad fan intake--> front fan exhausting...basically flip all of your fans to exhaust out the front
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    basically flip all of your fans to exhaust out the front
    hot air travels up and not sideways or downwards unless you have a 3000rpm fan blower moving that hot air to the front/bottom of the case.

    the issue with the H70 and all closed loop coolers is that they need fresh, cooler air which means having to run them as intake and if you want them externally mounted, you'd either need to cut up the case or mod the H70 which won't bode well for warranty's sake.

    have the rear as intake and have the top case fan as exhaust to vent the hot air out - as lowjack mentioned, but don't reverse the fans in the front.

    given due time, you'll outgrow your cooler to loath it :/
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