Please help..having a hard time playing my game on pc what could be the problem?

I have a Ati Radeon HD 4670 card installed in my computer, I have been playing Command and Conquer Tiberium wars just fine. Then one day I inserted the disk and started to play it to have a direct x error pop up that says, "Please make sure you have direct x or higher installed on your pc, also verify that your video card meets the minumum requirements, and that you do not have hardware acceleration disabled in display control panal." I have direct x 9, I have a video card that meets the requirments BUT when I go to the display settings and troubleshoot to check if the hardware acceleration is enabled it says the current drivers do not allow for changes to be made. Which makes me think that its set right. I have tried other games on the pc and they are working just fine. Although they are not as powerful as the Tiberium Wars. If anyone can help me I would be very thankful. I am running on Vista 64 bit.
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  1. Try updating your video drivers. Also, you could uninstall and reinstall directx and see if that fixes it.
  2. I have updated the driver and reinstalled direct x. Thank you though, I was wondering if any one would try to help me. I am trying something now that MAY work. I think that it may be running as adminstrater so I am trying to figure out how to change that and also downloading a patch for the game from EA sports. We will see.....
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