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Hello again everyone.

ok so i have a 90(83 really... sigh) gig SSD i use as a boot drive and the only thing ive installed on it are the main programs i use for work (web dev) etc..and normal apps to get my system up to par with what i need.

now long story short, out of 83 gigs total, i have 5.93 gigs free.

aside from this ssd i use as my main, i have about a total of 4tb of storage in my system so everything, and i mean EVERYTHING i have is stored in those drives...again, this 90 gig ssd is solely for boot and main progs.

i run a very clean system so im 99% positive that aside from the apps i use/need, nothing has been installed...all other noon essential programs and games etc, are on other drives.

when i go to computer then look at the C drive, i see " 5.9 gigs free out of 83" when i select the c drive, select all the folders inthere, (including invisible) and do a right click/properties...i get a total of 50 gigs used.

im tired of always seeing my system in red lol. my question is. where have the other 30 gigs gone?
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  1. I would recommend looking at the program WinDirStat. It will give you a visually guide of where all of your data is going including hidden folders, and files.
  2. Not sure, But some "System" files that also have the Attrib set to hidden do not allways show up.

    I'll bet that if You:
    .. (a) turn Hibernation Off (Saves amount equal to ram).
    .. (b) Set virual memory (page file) min and max to 1024mb (w/4 Gigs ram) or 512 mb if over 4 gigs of ram - Saves upto 5 gigs.
    ..(c)Limit number of restore points, or disable. Amount saved depends on how many restore points you have built up, over time it can be a large amount.

    You will get a good percentage of that "lost" space back.

    You can google each of these to find out how to - None are diff.
  3. Whats your page file set to?
  4. Run disk cleanup to see if you can locate the 30GB:

    Start-->right-click on Computer-->Properties-->Performance Information and Tools-->Open disk cleanup-->OK-->Clean up system files-->OK
  5. Setting virtual memory less than your actual memory is a bad idea unless you have more than a minimum of 8 gigs. I would recommend at least twice your ram size so that programs that use alot of resources can access more page file. If you have a small page file funky things can happen.
  6. Sup all. thanks for the reccomendation to that program, i was gonna ask for something that does that very task but forgot.

    as it seems, the pagefily.sys is taking up 16gigs of space and the hibernation one taking up 12 gigs. (close to the 30)

    i coulda SWORE i edited this a while yea, there goes my lost space.

    thanks all. lemme try n google to see how i can reedit this pagefile sys.

    can i delete them?
  7. For the pagefile go Start menu -> Right click computer -> properties -> advanced system settings -> advanced -> performance options -> advanced -> virtual memory.

    How to turn off hibernation
  8. @ mightymaxio
    The size of virtual memory is highly individual and depends on the software. With 8 gigs of ram some set it to 0 with no problem; However I recomend setting to a small value ie 512 mb. A few programs balk if they do not see a page file, even if it is not needed. With 4 gigs of Ram I recomend setting to 1024 mb. You will know if you need more as you will recieve an "out of memory" error and you can then bumb it up in increments.

    Windows automatically sets it to about double Ram size, but that is a throw back when 1 -> 2 gigs Ram was standard. For 4 or more gigs a page file of 6 -> 8 gigs is normally way to much. Reason for setting min/max to same vale is to to prevent windows from auto shrinking/expanding diskspace which leads to fragmentation and is not the best idea for an SSD.

    If really pressed for space the page file can be shifted to the HDD and eiliminated from the SSD. A small performance hit may or may not be noted.
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