Overclocking Pentium 4 3.2GHZ (BIOS has C.I.A.) need help!

Hi guys!

We have an Intel Pentium 4 3.2GHZ 540J Prescott,
Motherboard Model: Gigabyte 8VT880P w/ 1GB of ram.
CPU: FSB = 201MHZ 1.3375V
Clock: 3215.70MHZ Ratio: 16X

CPU benchmark = 14829 close to that of a Intel Atom 230
FPU benchmark = 5111 close to that of a Intel Celeron 525

We've had it since 2004 or something... It has become old and very slow after many years of intense but good service out of it... I even used to play FSX on it with a good 256mb Geforce card and it ran GREAT!

Now that we're getting a new AMD for a change, I want to overclock our old Pentium 4. I'm afraid that any stress might kill it, though. It takes next to nothing to get it up to 100% load :??:. I put it through a 31sec stress test and it came out clean. The 1GB RAM is old and shaky too but I want to use 'em in the future. The CPU fan has the intel sticker but it looks like it is more powerful than the stock one. Since we live in the tropics it's usually 32 degrees Celsius all day, everyday so I don't want too much heat since the fan runs on high already... its very loud! It's BIOS looks like it's made to be overclocked. It has an MB Intelligent Tweaker in which you have a CPU host control, (C.I.A.) CPU Intelligent Acelerator and the voltage control.

I'm quite unsure what to do about the CPU Intelligent Acelerator so please help! Any further suggestions/help (anything really!) would be appreciated (since its needed:lol:).
Thanks in advance!
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  1. Your OC headroom is extremely limited you might be able to get a 5% to 10% increase as your RAM is gonna be a major handicap and that chip is already almost at its limits...BTW..That old Prescott core is one of the best chips ever put out...very reliable and fast for a single core...
  2. lowjack989 said:
    ...RAM is gonna be a major handicap and that chip is already almost at its limits

    How far can I push it with only 1GB of RAM? I've heard claims that P4s that are even worse off compared to mine can get up to 3.8GHZ/3.9GHZ

    And the CPU Intelligent Accelerator...
    It is currently set on off but it can do Cruise, Sports, Racing and Turbo.
    My BIOS says: "C.I.A. is designed to detect CPU loading during software program executing, and automatically adjust CPU computing power to maximize system performance."

    What should I do with this?
    Anyway, thanks for the reply :)
  3. Disable that CIA thing...Its not the amount of RAM thats gonna limited the OC it is the clockspeed of the RAM modules and timings thats the handicap....I have seen 3.64 GHz with some overvolting and an aftermarket cooler
  4. It's currently some of the fastest 512MB RAM modules you can get for the type of motherboard even though they're a little old.
    Last question... What would be the max I could get out of it without increasing the volts, but while using a aftermarket cooler?

    Thanks in advance. :)
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    Keeping things cool is how you maintain stability as well protect the chip, the RAM is more than likely PC3200 400 MHz CAS 2.5 you may be able to lower the RAM to 333 then up the FSB setting to 240 MHz that would be RAM at 416 MHz, CPU at 3.84 GHz you gonna have to bump up the CPU voltage some to get it stable do this in small increment as voltage will fry the chp quickly...without overvloting the chip you could try FSB at 220 that would be RAM at 440 and CPU at 3.5 but the RAM will probebly get funcky on you at that speed
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  7. Thanks a ton! :)
  8. NP at all ... It is pleasure to help OC the old reliable Prescott I just can't say enough about that line of chips
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