Need help Overclocking Intel E6550 on EVGA 750i SLI board

I have been working at trying to overclock my Intel core 2 duo E6550 on my evga 750i SLI motherboard and can only reach 2.600.90 mhz from the stock 2.33. I have the core voltage at 1.5 the FSB voltage at 1.35 and the rest on auto, also have the ram unlinked from the cpu.

Is there something that I am missing? do I need to up the voltage even more on this board to get it to 3.0 or a tad higher?
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  1. the problem here is, the stock FSB of your CPU is already 1333, so to overclock you are going to be running a very high FSB. You will need to start increasing HT link voltage and NB voltage to get the motherboard stable. I also found with my 750i that there is a hole in the FSB where it is unstable from around 1333-1450 was unstable, hit 1500fsb and it was able to post and boot through to windows. You shouldnt need to run the CPU voltage past 1.45v.
  2. I also noticed a hole past 1500 its around 1600, It will make Bios freeze at post after detecting the cpu.
  3. yeah, i think 1600 is pretty much maxing out the board.
  4. I don't know. My eVGA 680i FSB freq worked at 442 MHz (QDR clock 1768 MHz). OTOH, the MCP temps hit 90 C.

    The E6550 is not a particularly good candidate for overclocking because of its 333 MHz FSB freq and relatively low internal multiplier.

    I recommend running the memory Linked for a 1:1 FSB:RAM ratio. That will give you the best memory stability at whatever FSB clock you can run.
  5. I have tried that, and no post because my ram wont overclock for some reason, unless i have it at the wrong voltage and cas, I have DDR 800 6-6-6-18 T2 what should I set my timing and voltage to?
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