Will my build work? Suggestions for improvements?

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: Within a week after Christmas BUDGET RANGE: Doesn't matter, what matters is price/performance.


PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Keyboard, mouse


PARTS PREFERENCES: As long as it's reliable, I have very little brand preference


MONITOR RESOLUTION: At least 1680x1050

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: While I like a powerful PC, I don't want to pay a premium for having the latest cutting-edge technology (e.g. the i7). I will mostly play Mass Effect 2, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (1 and 2), The Sims 3, Dragon Age, and Crysis. I do not need to play at maximum details and maximum resolution (I am usually satisfied with medium-high details at 1280x960). My list of components is at the link below.

Computer Build

In particular, please look at the PSU and alternatives for it, as this is the component type I am least familiar with. I would prefer that it stay modular.
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  1. the gfx card is too weak for crysis in particular , but gaming in general

    the psu is massive over kill 500 W would be plenty for that set up
  2. The PSU is huge overkill. The vid card is huge underkill. The HDD is slow.
    1. Depending on the vid card and x-fire needs a 650w is sufficient with the card I am recommendation and it CAN crossfire.
    2. Jump up to a 5770/5750. That 4650 will get you LOW settings. The 5770 is med-high settings on 1080.
    3. Look at the spinpoint f3s, they are much faster than that green. If the computer is only going to be used for games and internet a 500gb HDD is sufficient. 1.5tb is HUGE.
  3. the gpu is too weak, get at least a 4890, no matter the size of your monitor. i have a 5870 for a 17" :D and i get 100+ fps on gta4 @max. i know it's HUGE overkill but i know i won't have to worry for the framerates and that i'll max out almost every single game for some years getting 60+ fps on all them, and that i won't have to upgrade for quite some years.

    the psu is never an overkill, if you buy more than what you actually need then next time you're gonna upgrade you won't have to replace it. if you ever want to go for cf or sli you'll be glad you bought it, or just if you want to add some hard drives. it future proofs your system.
  4. The i5-750 will offer better gaming performance for roughly the same price. If you're set on AMD, then go for the Phenom II x4 955 instead as you can OC it to match the 965.

    I can't find reviews on that CPU Cooler, but you should definitely look at the Hyper 212 Plus or the CoGage True Spirit. Those two are excellent coolers (and not that much more expensive). Make sure you get appropriate mounting brackets.

    Go for a Samsung Sinpoint F3 1TB. A little less capacity, but better performance.

    Go for this ram: G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 4GB (2 x 2GB) DDR3 1333
    Tighter Timings (7-7-7-21) are just as important as pure speed. This RAM should run better than the set you selected.

    I'm not too familiar with XCLIO but check out this Coolermaster: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811119137 or the Antec 300. Those are both excellent cases for less money. I own an Antec 300, and it is just fantastic! The Coolermaster is a great case too. You will not regret it if you choose one of them.

    For what you're spending (and considering this is a gaming machine), I would go for at least an HD 5770.

    That SSD is nice, but the read/write speeds aren't all that impressive for an SSD. Still it's cheap. SSDs will definitely come down in price once they start making them in the 3.5" form factor (OCZ already has a model). It may not be a bad idea to just wait for that; however, if you really want it, they are great pieces of hardware...

    That PSU definitely is overkill. The OCZ Fatal1ty has a great MIR offer right now. 550W for $40? You can't beat that!
  5. No rendering/encoding i would take the P2X3 710 and an aftermkt cooler actually hehe Anyway ya way too CPU heavy/GPU light IMO SSD $$/GB not a good idea to get on the SSD train now as well since bang for buck was an intention hehe

    Clocks, unlockers and real owners inout for Gigabyte 770T-UD3P
  6. Thanks everyone for your input!

    First off, I'm well aware that the PSU is overkill. The idea was to make it futureproof since I will be potentially be adding a second GPU and maybe a blu-ray in the future, but I may have overdone it. Perhaps I'll go for a 700W or 750W,

    Good points on the GPU. I suppose buying a newer card would be just as expensive (or cheaper) in the long run than continually replacing a cheaper one. I'll get the HD 5770 since it's DX11 ready.

    I'd prefer to bite the price bullet and get the SSD now. My idea is to install Windows, my startup programs, and my most commonly used games onto it, and everything else onto the HDD, and I don't want to deal with the headache of having to reinstall Windows. I tend to be a bit of a packrat, so I'll be sticking with the 1.5 TB HDD just to be safe, and to futureproof against the size of future games.

    Nofun, thanks for recommending the Ripjaws RAM, I'll go with that. But will the Hyper 212 Plus CPU fan allow everything else to fit on my motherboard? Seems pretty wide.

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