Buddy wants me to reformat external HD...how do I do that?

Hey guys,

My buddy wants to reformat his external HD. How would I go about doing this?

Also, couldn't he just delete w/e was already on there to make space?

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  1. As long as its recognized by [im assuming windows] as an external storage device, go to My Comp, right click the drive and choose "Format..."
  2. bro, we first have to understnad waht he wants to do with a format.

    if he wants to clear some space from drive then all he needs to do is select file and delete - ofcourse you still need to delete from recycle bin. if not then just hit shift+delete.

    if he wants to remove bubble gum from his hair caused by a virus then a simple delete won't work as the registry and most files would be corrupted, too corrupt to work.

    but from your post it seems he's suffering from low storage space. Ever thought of getting another HDD with a high capacity or maybe making partitions bigger/smaller according to needs ?

    please post back with the answers - we can move from there

  3. whoah i totally ninja'd u there. the posts were less than a second apart :P
  4. :lol: yeah .... [:isamuelson:6] first time since i joined :)
  5. Sorry, he just asked me about it tonight. From what I understand, he no longer needs w/e files he currently has on there. I'll try to figure out what exactly he's wanting to do when I see him tomorrow. If I can just r-click the drive and hit format...I'm guessing that's what he's looking to do.
  6. but if its the OS...you can't :P
  7. its only ever happened to me before on very high activity threads on another forum im on. never seen it on Toms' before either.
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