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I have some dumb case fans. They plug in with the molex connector and run at the same RPM 100% of the time there is power. The computer could be doing nothing and yet the fans are blowing non-existent heat out at the same rate as if it were trying to create a virtual matrix-like world. So what I'd actually like to do is:

if the temperature inside the case is:
* > 30°C/86°F switch the case fans on
* < 25°C/77°F switch the case fans off

i.e. if it's hot, turn them on. If it's cool, switch them off. Make it a 5° difference so they're not always toggling on and off - i.e. if the temperature is between the two values, then the fans continue to do/not do what they were/weren't.

To me this seems like common sense?

Anyone know how to do it? Or if there's a product?

Not REALLY an overclocking question, I know.
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  1. Speedfan allows you to do that. But with Molex you are constantly supplying 12volts so it should spin 100 all the time. Didnt your fans come with 3pin/4pin connectors?
  2. whoops - found it - moderators if it sounds like an ad then delete it :) http://atechfabrication.com/products/Temperature_Switch.htm
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