Nvidia's next line of cards, thoughts on power consumption.

So ATI's new line of DX11 cards are here, and they are surprisingly low in power consumption. ATI did a great job with this, you can run crossfire with a good 650 watt psu. I was wondering what every ones thoughts were on how Nvidia will compete with this with their Fermi line. Do you think we can expect fairly low power cards? For example I'd like to be able to SLI the mid range on an 750 watt psu, do you think this will be possible? Or is Nvidia's next line going to be power hogs?
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  1. Let me get out my crystal ball...... Yes yes I can see what no one knows yet. Sorry... but we don't really have any info on these cards yet. I would take a guess that they would be in line with the new ATI cards, but you never know. A 750W PSU is usually a safe bet though.
  2. I think, FPS for FPS, the NVidia will require more amps. This is based off recent history and the new NV cards aren't designed specifically for graphical purposes, so they likely won't be as optimized for graphics.
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