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I'm on an extremely tight budget. I purchased an MSI 775 Nforce motherboard and a APEX Vortex 3620 SGCC . I currently have a dell xps 700 with a Pentium D 940 that i will be parting out. Hoping to keep the Power supply, hard drives etc.

I also have an ATI 4890 graphics card.

Im wondering if the E7500 chip would be an improvement over what i have and if overclocked will have enough power to play left 4 dead 2 with a decent FPS (over 60)?

I can get the e7500 for under $100
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  1. sirhatter said:
    I currently have a dell xps 700 Hoping to keep the Power supply

    The psu in the XPS700 is slightly non standard, instead of having a 4 or 8 pin cpu power connector it has a 20 pin, if your handy enough you can modify it so that it will work for your board.
    You would need one of these
    4 pin connector
    and 1 of these
    ATX pins
  2. Do you know how much power this PSU has?
  3. It is a 750 watt
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