Which 5770?

Which of these three is the better buy and why?

XFX HD-577A-ZNFC Radeon HD 5770

SAPPHIRE 100283L Radeon HD 5770

DIAMOND 5770PE51G Radeon HD 5770

Thanks in advance for your help.

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    All those cards are the same reference design. Their should be no difference between their performance, which leaves only the company as a deciding factor.

    XFX, if only for their warranty. The double lifetime warranty (lifetime support for first and second owner) increases the resale value of the card, as well as peace of mind. Plus in this case, the XFX has free shipping.

    Given the option, I would always chose XFX for their warranty. Their Customer support is pretty good, too.
  2. Ahh... Perfect answer. I wasn't sure if the companies used different quality components or not.

    And you're right, I didn't notice that only one had free shipping right now through NewEgg. LOL... That pretty much decides it for me. ;)
  3. Enjoy your new hardware! :D
  4. I rank them in the order they were listed since they are all the same price.

    1. XFX => Double Lifetime Warranty means the original owner can sell it used t someone else and the warrant will transfer (once). Very good customer service in general.

    2. Sapphire is a good company with good customer service.

    3. Diamond's customer service, according to many people, is somewhat lacking.
  5. Gah... The XFX just sold out before I pulled the trigger... Frustrating! :(

    Edit: Shipping on the Sapphire seems to be less than $3 for me... I may still pull the trigger yet... ;)
  6. I thought I read something about the Sapphire 5770 having a better cooling design because it vents heat out of the back of the case.
  7. All three of the cards linked are reference cooling designs, IE, identical.
  8. Ended up buying the Sapphire... Should arrive tomorrow with the rest of my build. Thanks again for the help! :)
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