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Planning to invest in a desktop again, since I can't afford the mobile version of what I'd like. Have a question regarding memory.

Intel Core i7 930 BOX
Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R
Corsair DDR3 8192MB (2 x 4096MB) 1600MHz CL9 Dominator

Last time I had a desktop (in a galaxy far far away). I synced the freq of my ram with my cpu. Much has changed since than and my question is:

The i7 930 has "Memory Types DDR3-800/1066". Is it worth it to buy ram capable of running at 1600mhz or faster? ...or I could invest in cheaper modules running at 1066. Doesn't the cpu's 1066 bottleneck the faster ram? Isn't ram running at 1600 or faster a waste?

Will there be any performance gain? Is this an issue at all?

PS: 2*4 GB or 4*2GB?

Thank you very much in advance!
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  1. Low latency 1600 ram isn't cheap. I use mac pro 1066 in my system, and it's plenty fast at stock with an i3 530. There was a 3x2gb corsair 1600 kit on my local criagslist for only $80 yesterday. I almost got it. It was a steal.
  2. That didn't answer my question.
  3. It's really your call as to whether you think it's worth it or not. I will look for a recent article showing some benchmarks; it concluded the performance difference wasn't worth it. But if you want to spend the extra money, the 1600 2x2gb kits have been on sale lately; frys in stores only has some for only $80 after rebate which ends today.
  4. Are you trying to sell me ram? :))

    If you can't help me with my questions why do you bother commenting?
  5. No. Actually, I did read an article about ram and timings recently. It concluded that the low latency ram wasn't worth the price difference, due to the difference in timings and the capability of the board to work with it. I will continue to look for the article.
  6. ok, if you find it please link me.
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