Best Performance - 2x ATI 5870s or GTX 295

What would have better performance - a single GTX 295 or dual ATI 5870s?
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  1. A single 5870 is almost as good as a gtx295, so two are clearly a long way better.

    Unless you play Last Remnant exclusively.
  2. dual 5870 - period
  3. jennyh :D you are so affected I see

    Relax, I don't believe in Toms benchmarks long time ago :D. They are either idiots or biased. I leave this to them to choose :P
  4. I am looking at just ordering a system from Alienware instead of building it myself... they are charging $550 to go from a single 5870 to dual 5870s which seems like a big markup.

    Is there anything tricky I am missing or can I just pick up a second 5870 myself and install it?
  5. I know THG is biased, it always has been. I'm just getting increasingly annoyed at it lol. :D
  6. $550 does seem a lot. These parts are in high demand, but yes I'm sure you can just get a second 5870 and install it yourself.
  7. Um.. a single 5870 performs on par with a gtx295.
  8. I had a hard time finding a direct comparison of the GTX295 and the 5870, so just wanted to confirm.

    Now I just have to figure out what to do about slots on the motherboard... the alienware comps only support 2 slots, so if I dual the graphics cards I have to use the onboard sound, which is annoying.
  9. Alienware has a HUGE markup. I'd go with another brand to be honest. Even a Dell XPS, even though they own Alienware. Asus makes some sweet machines.
  10. can 5870 run crysis on very high setting on 19" lcd
  11. on a 19" lcd you will need a strong cpu
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