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How Long Will LGA 1156 Socket be relevant

Will the Lga 1156 socket support the new 6 core processors ?
Also If my Max Resolution is 1366*768 and I buy i3 530 2.93 Ghz 4 GB Ram DDR3 and HD 5770 will the processor botllekneck the Card or will it be fine ?
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  1. 6 core? only confirmed on 1366 and there is a very good chance that intel won't release it until much later for the 1156 due to them pegging 1156 as mainstream and lower end.

    and really, no, there is a good chance that the i3 will handle what ever you throw at it and when it's bottled necked you'll be seeing 80+ fps and it won't matter much then lol. unless you want to play crysis 2 then maybe.... but chances are it's going to be an optimization issue rather than hardware like crysis vs warhead rofl
  2. Another issue you might want to look into is how dependent on the CPU various games are. For example, FSX and GTA4 are very CPU Dependant and will often benefit more from a better CPU than a better graphics card.
  3. I say that you are going to regret going for a dual core processor when you have so many quad core options on the Intel and AMD platform as well. But if you have your mind set on spending your money on a dual core platform that won't break the bank and that latter will offer you the upgrade possibility for an X6 processor, then go for AMD for I'm sure that the Phenom II X6 Thurban will take advantage of AM3 socket, while the 1156 socket doesn't promise that by any means since the 1366 Socket is there for a reason!
    Hope it helps
  4. You've just become a spammer promoting your I3 on every post and doing nothing else... And with no reasonable arguments anyway. Why should anyone get a dated dual CPU core system when quads can be had for dirt cheap now? And plus, it is on a dead end platform that will not be upgradeable in the future...
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    Yes Psycho has turned true to his name. Ignore him.

    As for LGA 1156 being a dead platform with no upgrade-ability, you can't be serious. LGA 1156 will survive just as long as LGA 1366 and AM3, so how does the upgrade-ability factor into it? LGA 1156 will be here for about 3 years like AM3 and LGA 1366. Intel won't spend millions on developing it and giving it a large line up of processors just to drop it. Intel 6-core processors that are under $500 wont hit for a long time on either socket, so what does it matter? The only way it will is if AMD comes out with a very competitive 6-core, and then LGA 1156 will have to get a 6 core to compete.
  6. Quote:
    The dual core goes toe to toe with Amd's X4 so i don't see how exactly it's dated. Not everyone needs a quad core

    Sandy Bridge will Utilize a Socket 1155 leaving the current 1156 pretty much obsolete.

    Btw.. I'm not Psycho.. Just Obsessed. I'm going to MC tomorrow for a 920 so if you think i'm bad now. :)

    No the dualcore and lower end quadcore versions of Sandy bridge are meant to go to LGA 1155 if it exists at all. The higher end quadcores, and perhaps all of Sandy Bridge, is meant to go to LGA 1156. All that is based on rumors which is based on an unlikely rumor of LGA 1155/1157 to begin with.
  7. Quote:
    I hope your right Amw because if they kill of 1156 so fast there are going to be a lot of pissed off intel owners.

    And a lot of new AMD owners, myself included.
  8. But if I Buy Lga 1156 socket now with i3 dual core 530, it will give performance on par with Q 8400 and after 3 yrs I can upgrade to their higher end cpu in i7 category
  9. yeah, you can do that, but keep in mind the most you are likely getting out of it is quad cores and that is it, nothing better if what I think is correct.

    this is a forced market segmentation they want you to buy a whole new mobo and pay them more for the chipset (all chipsets for intels are owned by intel, and each mobo mauf pays to intel to use them on a per chip and en masse bases).

    while amd does allow for better upgradibility as they are the under dog and is trying to keep a hold on as much of a market as possible with drop in upgrades, if you got the money to burn (and I mean BURN with 1000 USD on a single processor), then socket 1366 is the way to go, if you do not and want a sensible computer at a cheaper price then amd is the way to go

    i3s are overrated, especially since you can OC Athlon X4s and you can't just duct tape 2 more cores to an i3.

    The only reason to go with i3 or i5-600s is if you wanted a HTPC and use it's IGP, if not, go else where, either amd, or step up to a i5-750+
  10. I dont think i5's would die out soon. At least for the next two years they are gonna do healthy business. It only when games and other application outdo the i5, it would see its time come to an end. Looking at the future, games are basically more dependent on the GPU and the GPU market is coming out with heavy duty GPU's, CPU can take the back seat and enjoy the sun-shine! The real time line can be estimated when AMD's equivalent to i7's come out.
  11. Quote:
    There's going to be a sexacore :) Xeon at 2.66Ghz that's going to be 699.99 but you didn't hear that from me. mmmm 12HT's

    if you think 700 USD is cheap......

    i'd rather have a fermi or a 5870 or a 5970 or something like that, unless it's like 300-400 dollars max it's not exactly "high end", it's called bleeding money edge
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  13. Quote:
    They're very close at stock clocks.

    yeah and by your reasoning the core2 duo beats the core 2 quad.
  14. If one is on a budget, why not get a top MB and go with the cheapest i3 and in 3 years get the best i7 which will then be at the price of the i3 now?
  15. Hi mannaman, cud u plz suggest me a mobo for i3 & which wud b future proof for i7 also
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