Monitor will no wake up from Standby

Hello, downloaded updated driver for compatable memory card. Worked fine yesterday. Put PC in Standby mode and this morning Monitor will not wake up from "Standby". I did a manual shutdown and reboot, still no Display screen but assume computer is waiting at the signo n screen. How do I log on to PC using keyboard commands so that I can use keyboard commands to put comupter into Hibernation and see if Monitor will wake up from hibernation mode
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  1. Turn your computer off by holding the power button for 5 seconds. then turn it back on. you should see the post screen and the windows logo appear during bootup. if the screen goes out after this point then it is a problem with your resolution or display drivers. you can fix this by going into safe mode.
  2. It's not a monitor issue. What is happening is that the monitor is not getting a signal form the PC so goes to low power mode.

    If you fully shut down the PC and turned it on again, and never got anything on the screen, need to check the computer with another monitor. If that does not work, reseat the RAM and hard-drives, also check the motherboard for any damage to the capacitors they should all be flat, any puffy ones or ones with black marks on the top are bad. If those are good and you are using an add-on video card, try a new one. If all that does not help, try a new power supply.
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