Problem with PC100 256mb rams

I did today just receiver two sticks of 256mb PC100 rams and they seem to not work. I wonder if I need one sided type ram to fix this. But the problem is where can I get a 256mb PC100 that is one sided rams? If there anyone maybe in here that can sell them to me? Or does anyone know a website where I can get two sticks of 256mb PC100 one sided rams? Someone said that my system doesn't like two sided rams and I think they were right.
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  1. I did talk to a tech guy from the OEM memeory website where I got the sticks and he was looking up on other forums and found basicaly I needed to update my bios to use 512mb and I did do that and now it works great.
  2. So whats the problem now?
  3. Well I actualy was supprised that the tech guy was able to solve the problem about trying to make two 256mb rams work. I thought it was impossible to do it so that's why I posted here. I did want to delete this topic after I fixed the problem but I didn't know how to.
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