[Solved] WinXP 64 unexpected reboot after upgrading 8600GT to 9600GT

After upgrading from a XFX 512MB 8600GT (300W min. req.) to a Zotac 512MB 9600GT ECO (350W min. req.) my system started to unexpectedly reboot.
Sys. specs:
Mobo: Intel DP35DP
CPU: Core 2 Duo E6750
OS: WinXP 64 Pro
PSU: 500W retail

I suspected it could be the PSU, but it's an "ECO" version of the 9600GT, and it supposedly require not too much power (350W) from the PSU.
Please, help!
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  1. Nobody helps... Anyway, I found the problem. It was a false contact on a pad of the PCB of the PSU due to a cold welding. Maybe this can help someone with a similar problem.
    Thanks anyway.
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