Random freezing, tech buddy says it's probably the RAM

Hi guys, I've been having nothing but serious issues with my new computer. I ordered from AVAdirect just recently and the system should have no issues whatsoever. I installed Windows 7, WoW, and a few other smaller programs like CCleaner, AVG, etc. Since I've had it, it seems to just randomly freeze up at times...there's really not interval, sometimes it won't last long enough to load up the desktop...sometimes it can last up to 9 hours or so as long as it's not doing much. I'm mostly in the dark but I've done some things that were reccommended by the AVA people. I ran a diskcheck through the command prompt and it came up with no errors, they had me reset some voltages to ensure everything was running correctly, the temp is within normal range...somewhere around 36 degrees celcius or so I believe.

The biggies that might help towards the conclusion is this:

- EVERY time I run the defragger it is GUARENTEED to freeze at some point in time. I HAVE run a hard drive check through western digital and it comes back with 0 errors.
- I talked to a tech buddy of mine that builds computers up in Canada and he told me to try taking out the stick of ram furthest from the CPU and running the defragger. It ran to completion without freezing up, at a much slower rate you can imagine. When I stuck the ram back in, the freezing problem continues. He told me something like he would give it a 70% chance that it's faulty RAM, or a possible 30% chance that it's the CPU but he knows that it's definitely a hardware issue that should not be occuring given that it's a brand new computer. I'm sending it back to AVAdirect soon but I just wanna make sure they know exactly what it is so I don't have to go through this again.

Thanks guys, and if you need any other info please feel free to ask.

~Mike Sisson
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  1. To test the ram, download and run memtest86+. You should be able to do a full pass with NO errors.
  2. To elaborate on geofelt's suggestion, go to http://memtest.org/#downiso
    There are several links, but only three options:

    1. pre-compile boot image (.iso) - download this one if you want to burn it to cd*
    2. Auto installer for USB - download this one if you don't know how to burn disc* images
    3. Pre-compile package for floppy - download this one if your system still has a floppy drive, as your boot order is likely to be floppy first.

    *You may have to change your boot order to allow booting from this device first.

    MemTest86+ is a DOS-based program that has no association to Windows. MemTest86+ will not cause any problems to the OS, nor will it even access the hard drive. Once MemTest86+ is correctly loaded/burned to a media, restart your system to allow MemTest86+ to run; this will happen automatically.

    Allow memtest86+ to run for about 8-10 hours. If any errors are found, the test will stop automatically and will indicate that you have bad RAM.
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