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Hi all,
sorry but I am pretty novice on SSD...
I have a laptop HP Pavilion DV6 1280el with Win7 x64, I know that the hard drive installed is a SATA Hard Drive.
Can I replace it with a SSD SATA ? I saw that there are SSD SATA2 and SSD SATA3 which one can I install on my PC ?
Do you have some suggested models?

Thanks for your support
Bonato Pierantonio
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  1. yes you can put a ssd in it as long as it physically fits in there--some drives are 9mm thick some 12mm

    sata 3 would be the one to get its sata 2 backward compatible

    intel or m64 or mushkin or ocz are all pretty good
  2. Sata II or Sata III should not be a problem, as stated above sata III is backwards compatable.
    Additional comments.
    (1) for most notebook users you will not see much difference in performance between Sata II or Sata III SSDs. The primary difference is in sequencial read/writes which is the least important benchmark for a OS+program drive.
    (2) For compatability issues I recommend avoiding the SF22xx SATA III drives (ie OCZ Agility III/vertex III). Recommend: Sata III, the Curcial M4 and for a Sata II drive the Samsung 470 or the intel 320 (the problem with the Intel 320 8mb bug seems to have died down).

    Tried to do a search on your laptop to see which chipset it uses (Intel vs AMD). If AMD you will probably get lower than advertized preformance. If Intel, works best if you can use the latest Intel RST driver - ver 10.6
  3. the mushkin chronos sata 3 ssds never suffered from the sandforce problems some other drive makers did--mushkin held their release back 3 months and had it all sorted before releasing them

    i just purchased one recently and on a sata 2 interface am getting 260mbs and 280mbs read and write on intel ich10 controller--so basically the drive is totally maxing out the sata 2 interface
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