Which Intel Processor should I Get - Special Consideration

I have the chance to get any Intel Processor at 1/2 price.
Typically i have seen here that the 920 is the sweet spot for price / performace but in my situation would that change peoples recomendation?

Also i am not in a huge hurry but would like to get one by March, so should i wait for the I9?

I am mostly using the computer for Gaming, Office 2007, HD movies so im not even sure i would see large benifits with the I9.

Also I’m not sure if its appropriate to ask for this here but considering black Friday and the holidays are close I was wondering if anyone has seen any deals on parts that might be worth considering.
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  1. What's the budget for your half?
  2. No real budget constrants. I would like to stay around $1500 US or so for the whole thing, although am not opposed to saving a little money.
    Basicly i wanted to see if peoples suggestions would change based on the price of the processor being reduced by 50%
  3. If you know how to OC, I would say go with the i7 920. The higher end i7's (like the 950/960) are pretty much just OCd 920s.

    My initial instinct says to get your money's worth out of that deal (because it's a very nice deal) and get a higher end CPU. But you could probably spend the rest of your budget elsewhere, such as graphics.

    If you don't feel comfortable OCng, then you could look at the i7 950/960. With 1/2 of those, you'd be getting them for about the regular price of the i7 920.
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